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We have Treatment Centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Boston

However, at Rehab Clinics Group, we appreciate that doing so is often easier said than done.  For various reasons, you may have delayed treatment.

You may have also ignored the many signs and symptoms that are associated with drug and alcohol addictions.

As a result, you may now find yourself struggling to cope.  You may have become reliant on substances, and you may also have found that your day-to-day life has become significantly impaired as your addiction controls your every waking moment.


Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Is Readily Available

Across the United Kingdom, various treatment providers are on hand to administer drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

However, due to the many stigmas surrounding addictions and a lack of understanding regarding addiction treatment, many dismiss the treatment they need.

Sadly, dismissing addiction treatment sees many in need of hospital treatment. Ignoring addiction treatment has also contributed to the number of people struggling with long-term health complications relating to substance abuse.


Finding The Right Drug and Alcohol Rehab In Boston

As you decide that attending a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston is in your best interest, you may believe that locating a suitable rehab will be relatively easy.

However, contrary to belief, when it comes to selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, many factors, including the severity of your addiction, the resources available at the drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, the treatment available and whether the rehab is residential or not, must be considered.

For many individuals, the process of finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston can be quite off-putting.  As a result, many will defer the treatment they desperately need to defeat their addiction.

However, as touched on above, delaying treatment will see your addiction spiral beyond your control.  Sadly, this could cost you your life.

If you are struggling to find a suitable drug and alcohol rehab in Boston, we are here to support you.  By calling us, we can help you refer yourself to one of our residential rehabs.


Attending A Residential Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Although attending an NHS drug and alcohol rehab in Boston will help you overcome your addiction, you may find that the treatment and support available to you is somewhat limited.

Considering this, it may be in your best interest to attend a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Boston.

While attending a residential drug and alcohol rehab in Boston will possibly not have crossed your mind, doing so will offer you a greater chance of making a long-term recovery.

If you are open to the thought of attending a residential rehab but have found yourself unable to locate a residential rehab in Boston, we can offer you a place at one of our rehab clinics.

Located across the United Kingdom, our rehab clinics include Cassiobury Court, Nova Recovery, Ocean Recovery Centre and Asana Lodge.


Your Treatment Programme

Regardless of whether you attend Cassiobury Court, Nova Recovery, Ocean Recovery Centre or Asana Lodge, when you enter one of our rehab clinics in the United Kingdom, you will be provided with a personalised treatment programme.

Detailing the treatment you will receive during your time in our clinics, a team of medical professionals will create your treatment programme.

To ensure that your treatment programme is personalised to your addiction and recovery needs, you will need to partake in a clinic and recovery plan assessment.  This assessment will see you discuss your physical and psychological health with a fully qualified doctor.

As you do so, they will begin to decipher how your addiction has taken a toll on your health and well-being.  In turn, doctors will present you with a treatment programme that is suitable for your needs.

Although all of our treatment programmes are tailored to the needs of each individual that enters our clinics, detoxification, rehabilitation, and aftercare support forms the basis of each of our programmes.


Reviewing Your Progress

Irrespective of whether you attend a drug and alcohol rehab in Boston or one of our rehab clinics, the progress you make during your time in rehab will be monitored and reviewed on a regular basis.

At Rehab Clinics Group, you will find that your progress is reviewed every week.  When your reviews are conducted, you will have the time to sit with your dedicated recovery support worker to discuss your recovery.

As your time in our rehab comes to an end, your recovery support worker will begin to discuss your relapse prevention plan and aftercare support with you.


Leaving Our Residential Rehab

Like many others, you may find the thought of leaving rehab and returning home to be daunting.  You may also worry that you will be at risk of relapsing upon leaving rehab, and you may be concerned that you will not be able to cope alone.

With this in mind, as your time in one of our rehab clinics draws to a close, your recovery support worker will, as touched on above, approach you to discuss your relapse prevention plan and aftercare support with you.

Typically, our aftercare support will see you acquire 12-months of free support, guidance and advice through the employment of weekly group meetings.

If your recovery support worker thinks it may be beneficial, one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy will also be incorporated into your aftercare support.

Although we understand that you will likely feel a wealth of emotions as you prepare yourself to return home, please remember that you will have continued support.

You will never be left to deal with your recovery on your own, and we will also be on the other end of the telephone should you need to talk to someone.


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