Treatment Burton Upon Trent
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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Burton Upon Trent

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Burton Upon Trent

We’re here to reassure you that there is a solution to overcoming your addiction to alcohol or drugs. Get in touch with our friendly, dedicated team today on 0800 470 0382. They can help explain how our admissions process works and answer any questions you may have on our rehab in Burton Upon Trent.


What type of addiction treatment is most effective?

It’s very important to us that we’re able to provide you with the utmost care and support during your time at our rehab centre. Following a personalised treatment programme will give you the best chance of recovery, such a bespoke addiction treatment is only available at a private drug and alcohol rehab. If you were to enquire about addiction treatment with free local health services such as the NHS for example, you would receive a generic treatment programme to follow. This is purely due to lack of resources and funding for the NHS, they’re unable to personalise their treatment options to what will benefit you most, leading to a disappointing and disheartening process. Save yourself the time and effort by starting your journey at our private drug and alcohol rehab, following your own bespoke path to recovery.

By staying at a residential rehab centre like ours, you’re removing yourself from any negative influences or pressures of daily life. This allows you to fully immerse yourself in your treatment programme and solely focus on your journey to long-term recovery. This form of treatment has proven to be much more effective than inpatient addiction treatment where you’re still surrounded by the distractions of home.


What’s it like at our drug and alcohol treatment centre?

On the first day of your stay, you will of course receive a very warm welcome from all of our team who will show you around and explain everything that’s going to happen over the course of your treatment. When you’re not in a therapy session, we arrange social activities for you to enjoy. These include group walks or runs, quiz nights, movie nights or family visits should you wish to.

We’re proud to promote a positive, relaxed environment for you to experience your addiction treatment. Enjoy the privacy of your own room whilst receiving carefully selected treatment options from our motivated team of medical experts. Our drug and alcohol rehab focuses on both your physical dependency on alcohol or drugs and your psychological triggers. We aim to promote a positive attitude and provide you with the tools needed to understand the link you have with alcohol or drugs and what may have caused your addiction. Upon completing your treatment programme which typically lasts around 28 days, you should feel a physical and psychological disconnect from your addiction, resulting in you feeling much healthier and more positive about your future.


How can our drug and alcohol treatment centre help you?

Maybe you’ve considered recovering at home without any professional support? Many people are drawn particularly to attempting a detoxification in the comfort of their home; however, we strongly advise against this. There are many dangers surrounding detoxification, withdrawal symptoms can result in mild nausea, fluctuating temperature, headaches, dizziness, and in severe cases, hallucinations, insomnia, and delirium tremons (DT’s). It’s important that you understand it’s not safe to detox at home. Our team are there to offer any form of support whenever you need it. They can administer prescription medication when needed to ease any pain. They’re with you to ensure you’re comfortable, safe, and secure throughout the duration of your stay at our rehab in Burton Upon Trent.

Whatever the stage of your addiction, whether you’ve recently developed symptoms of addiction or you’re entirely dependent on alcohol or drugs, or even if you have a dual diagnosis, we have a dedicated team with fantastic facilities to support you along your recovery journey. Embarking on our comprehensive drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme will allow you to recover both physically and psychologically from your addiction. With our pioneering treatment service, dedicated team, and dynamic approach, we’re positive our private drug and alcohol rehab can motivate you to achieve your recovery goal.


How dangerous is it to stop using drugs or alcohol when addicted?

When attempting to stop consumption at home alone, it can be very dangerous. However, when you’re supervised by our medical team, the pain is eased, and the risks are significantly less. If you’re showing any signs of discomfort, we’re able to get you access to emergency medical attention immediately. Our team are extensively experienced and have faced many situations when helping people through recovery. We can assure you that you’ll be well looked after and have no reason to be nervous about any dangers which rehabilitation presents.


Benefit from our free aftercare programme

Each one of our treatment programmes include a free 12-month aftercare programme. Our aftercare support team is made up of addiction counsellors and various other specialists who are there to help you avoid relapse. The first year after completing your addiction treatment is the most common time to relapse therefore the most crucial time to receive additional support. You’ll have access to our aftercare support groups where you can speak with others who are in a similar situation to you. This is a great environment to share and feel supported by your peers. If you’re finding your return to homelife particularly difficult, we also offer ongoing therapy such as cognitive behavioral therapy or local support groups to help you should you need it.

Invest in your future today and reserve a space at our private drug and alcohol rehab. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any further questions or alleviate any concerns you may have regarding our rehab in Burton Upon Trent. Contact us on 0800 470 0382 today to start your recovery journey.