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Many individuals, especially those who aren’t affected by drugs and alcohol, believe that those who abuse substances are all the same. Substance abusers will be categorised into the same box, stereotype and label as an addict. Yet, at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand that the reality of drug and alcohol abuse, deviates significantly from a one fits all diagnosis.

Firstly, it is extremely sad and frustrating to see how users are stigmatised and judged, down to an uncontrollable brain illness. For most, initial consumption would have been innocent, they will hope to recover, and will not thrive off ongoing drug and alcohol abuse after prolonged suffering. In fact, their addiction will have materialised via an activity that the majority of the world participates in, social or supportive consumption. Yet, unfortunately for them, a physical or psychological weakness was present, turning normalised consumption, into a habit.

Secondly, we must differentiate the levels of drug and alcohol abuse. While both are dangerous, where professional intervention should be sourced, an addiction carries greater severity over substance abuse when considering outcomes, health problems, and associated concerns. This alone showcases the different forms and experiences with drugs and alcohol, debunking the stereotype of an addict.

Individuals of all backgrounds become influenced by drugs and alcohol. If you’re unfortunately impacted and looking to visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Congleton, please be reassured that we are here for you, disregarding the judgment of stereotype.

Experience a rehab programme suited for your addiction diagnosis through one of our rehab clinics here at Rehab Clinics Group.


Substance abuse vs addiction – their differences

Understanding where you’re positioned with drugs and alcohol is very important. Both substance abuse and addiction are serious and should be worked through by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Congleton. Yet, depending on the severity of your addiction, the approach of rehab can differ. This is why understanding their differences is important, to provide you with an expectation of drug and alcohol rehab.

Substance abuse is where normalised consumption of drugs and alcohol have edged towards a physical habit. Here’s where physical side effects, withdrawal symptoms and cravings will be experienced. While viewed as harmless, especially in comparison to an addiction diagnosis, abusing excessive levels of drugs and alcohol can cause physical and psychological harm, along with boosting the risks of an addiction diagnosis.

An addiction is where both physical and psychological associations are present, making it a very different experience to substance abuse. Here’s where desires to consume have transferred over to a necessity to consume, down to both physical and psychological cravings. Through damages, already encountered on the body and brain, adaptations will present themselves, requiring drugs and alcohol to function physically and mentally. Down to that reliance, here’s where a habit, difficult to break can materialise, along with the commencement of the addiction cycle. Both will carry life-changing impacts, will result in health problems, and will increase risks of mental health issues and hazardous results.

Substance abuse can in most cases be deterred through detoxification. This is the key difference between both forms, as down to the complexity of an addiction, a comprehensive rehab programme will be necessary, available through drug and alcohol rehab.


Tackling addiction via a drug and alcohol rehab in Congleton

Whether you’re struggling through substance abuse or addiction, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Congleton will be possible. Different degrees of care, of support and of addiction treatment services will however be recommended, to fit around your personal needs and recovery responses.

To gauge the most fitting rehab programme, for you, we can assist through a pre-admission assessment, soon followed by an admission into one of our rehab clinics. While all are located outside of Congleton, our Ocean Recovery clinic will offer convenience, especially for those on an outpatient basis. Yet, for those living with an addiction, where greater distance is craved, our Cassiobury Court residential rehab facility will be recommended.

Through our range of rehab programmes, treatment services and renowned clinics, we can help you at Rehab Clinics Group, no matter how severe your connection to drugs and alcohol may be.


Our treatment services here Rehab Clinics Group

A key driving force of rehab is addiction treatment. Combined, treatment services form a customised rehab programme, in place for the span of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. No matter which rehab clinic you select from our group, you will be presented with the necessary degree of addiction treatment.

Physical and psychological recovery will be aimed for if you’re suffering from an addiction, helping to tackle all associations. This aim will be worked towards through detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, drug and alcohol relapse prevention, stress management, wellbeing sessions and many more therapeutic services.

By experiencing the milestones of rehab, known as withdrawal, repair, relapse prevention, growth, and the normalisation of sober living, you’ll have a strong chance of returning to Congleton, leaving behind the stereotype of an addict.


Possibilities of dual diagnosis treatment

One of the greatest benefits of selecting a drug and alcohol rehab in Congleton, through our services, is that we understand the varying encounters of addiction. Many clients will unfortunately experience mental health issues or strong psychological associations.

Through our rehab offering, you will have the possibility to complete dual diagnosis treatment if you are suffering emotionally or cognitively. This offering is very important, as without focus on your mental health, relapse risks will be heightened. Drug and alcohol cravings will in fact reside in the mind, tipping the breaking point as time goes on.

We hope that all clients can work towards long-term recovery, one way or another. To secure this, if the necessity of dual diagnosis treatment is present, we will ensure that services are worked within your rehab programme.

Understandably, you may struggle to reach out, down to the fear of judgment. Yet, please be reassured that we overlook the stereotype of addiction, treating all clients as individuals and as people who deserve care and support. Work through the trials and tribulations of either substance abuse or addiction with our guidance. We can secure a programme for you via a drug and alcohol rehab in Congleton or within the area, offering suitable, personal encounters of rehab.