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We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Elstree!

If you’re based in Elstree and seeking drug and alcohol support, our array of rehab centres around the UK have all the research, individuals and services to help you stop drinking and consuming drugs. We focus on treating you as a whole, including your mind, body and soul to help achieve a healthy recovery. Let’s take a look at alcohol and drug addictions and how we can help transform your life.


The Most Abused Drug Addictions

In the modern day, alcohol and drugs are regularly misused and abused. But alcohol and drug addiction never ends like a fairy tale and many abusers receive a serious impact on their health. Let’s take a look at the most abused drugs.

Heroin is illegal and a powerful drug that is found around the world. Breaking this drug addiction is one of the hardest things you’ve ever achieve, and the withdrawal symptoms can be physically excruciating. With regular consumption, the brain begins to product endorphins to that you feel on top of the world each time you take the drug. But by abusing this drug, you can no longer feel pain, which might sound beneficial, but pain is a way of the body letting you know you’re in danger.

Cocaine is another abusive substance, and consuming this drug has serious effects on the brain. For example, this drug increases dopamine which is a chemical in the brain that releases positive feelings. By continuing to take cocaine, your body becomes more reliant on this drug to feel good, because without it, the brain becomes incapable of releasing dopamine. Your body can also become tolerant to cocaine, meaning you have to increase your dosage to experience feelings of happiness. By doing this, you increase the negative physical and psychological effects the drug has on your body.

Another popularly abused drug is prescriptions. There are many common types of prescription drugs used around the world, and we’re seeing an increase in the number of people entering our rehab clinics battling this type of addiction. We offer medicines and support services to help you overcome any addiction you might have, no matter what the substance is, or the intensity.


What Makes Drugs Addictive?

Have you ever considered by drug and alcohol abuse happens, and what makes these drugs addictive to some people? The main concept to talk about here is that consuming drugs and alcohol regularly causes a feeling of euphoria to flush through your body. This feeling is so pleasurable that a person wants to seek the drug again in order to feel like that one more time. Unhealthy behaviours such as taking drugs cause us to become dependent on them.

As you continue to feed your body drugs, your brain reduces the ability to respond to it, meaning that the body soon gets used to the feeling that was once pleasurable. This is known as tolerance, and a person will have to consume more of the drug in order to achieve the same high. These behavioural changes can lead to you becoming less able to receive pleasure from ‘normal’ activities such as socialising and food. Instead, consuming drugs is the only way you can feel pleasure.


Can a Drug and Alcohol Addiction Be Cured?

At Rehab Clinics Group, we have an array of treatments options waiting for you so that you can begin your recovery process. The simplest answer is yes, there is a way to cure a drug and alcohol addiction, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be quick or easy. But, with hard working and dedication, anything is possible. We create tangible steps that everyone can take when they enter our rehab clinics.

First, it’s time to detox. To seek recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, you need to remove the substances from your body. It’s important to begin with a clean and healthy slate, but there are many withdrawal symptoms on the other side. These symptoms will depend on how long and the amount of drugs you’ve been taking. But, our registered doctors will prescribe you with medical drugs to alleviate any physical and mental effects during this process.

Another way to cure your addiction is with therapy. By attending our support groups and listen when we offer advice, you can learn a lot about beating your addiction for life and how to address any underlying causes. It’s important that we analyse the psychological desires that spurred your drug and alcohol addiction, as more often than not, there’s a reason why someone reaches for a substance to feel better.

In addition, you’ll also need to make some lifestyle changes to improve your chances of recovery. This is because we don’t want you to leave our private rehab clinics with everything that you’ve learned and then jump right back into your old habits. To ensure that you are healthy in the long term, you have to commit to changes in your life once you’re back home. Replace dangerous habits with new and healthy ones. Find a new group of friends who won’t consume drugs around you, and connect with a recovery community to ensure that you’re creating positive opportunities for yourself.

It can be hard to know what’s expected of you in private treatment if you’ve never been before. But our medically-trained and supportive staff are on hand to address your every need and help aid your recovery. Our treatment counsellors will always be there for you to address any underlying issues and the causes of your addiction in the first place. Stay committed, and focused, and never lose the motivation that spurred you to pick up the phone and call us in the first place.