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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Stirchley

When someone is living with a condition as complex as alcohol addiction or drug addiction, searching for a drug and alcohol rehab is often the last thing on their mind.

Opening up and acknowledging that you need professional support can feel very daunting, the huge volume of treatment options that are available has the potential to add to your nerves. We’re here to explain the different options available and encourage you to seek out essential support from our drug or alcohol rehab in Stirchley.


Are you suffering from Alcohol Addiction and need help? If so, Rehab Clinics Group are a leading UK based expert in alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Find out how we can help by getting in touch with our friendly team today. Call our confidential helpline on 0800 470 0382 or request a callback by clicking on the button below.

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It’s important that we realise that this awful disease of addiction cannot be treated with medication alone.

Your psychological connection to drugs or alcohol has to be addressed with the support of addiction specialists to fully overcome your battle with drug or alcohol addiction. If left untreated, your addiction will only worsen; now is the time to take the first step towards beginning your road to recovery.


Rehab Clinics Group offers a variety of Treatment Options

Searching for drug and alcohol rehab treatment options can feel quite overwhelming. With so many rehab processes to choose from, understanding which is best for your condition can feel like a challenge in itself. One of the first decisions you’ll need to make is whether you’d prefer to undergo residential rehab as an inpatient or whether you’d prefer outpatient rehab.

As an inpatient at residential rehab, you’ll remain overnight at our drug and alcohol rehab Stirchley for the duration of your treatment programme. Whereas, as an outpatient, you’ll remain to stay overnight at home but will visit our drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley each day to receive your addiction treatment.

Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages depending on your own personal circumstances, although we have seen the best results from residential rehab.

Residential rehab usually produces the highest rate of success in long-term recoveries because you receive 24/7 support and guidance from addiction experts. You’ll also benefit from sharing the experience with other Stirchley residents within a relaxed and recovery-focused environment.

Whilst outpatient rehab does suit some people, it can be difficult to maintain motivation as you’re faced with the stresses of daily life, leaving you exposed to negative influences and therefore, more likely to suffer a drug or alcohol relapse.


Private Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Once you’ve made the decision between residential rehab or outpatient rehab, you can then think about joining a private drug and alcohol rehab or opting for addiction treatment with free local health services like the NHS. Each treatment option has its own advantages and disadvantages, the decision really depends on what’s most suitable for your own personal circumstances and the nature of your addiction.

Whilst many people will immediately be attracted to free addiction treatment, it’s not necessarily the best option for you. Addiction treatment with the NHS is likely to be a generic programme for all to follow with no personalisation.

Unfortunately, they’re unable to tailor treatment programmes to the individual as they simply don’t have the time or resources to do so. As a result of this generic treatment programme, this method has proven to be the least effective in achieving long-term recovery from addiction, leaving you feeling disheartened after a failed attempt.

Studies have proven the most effective way to treat addiction is with a personalised treatment programme with a holistic approach, within a private drug and alcohol rehab like our rehab centre in Stirchley. With our dedicated, highly qualified teams who deliver evidence-based therapies, our addiction treatment is much more effective than the generic treatment programmes offered by free local health services.


Relapse Prevention

As explained all of our treatment programmes are personalised to the individual. We follow a holistic approach for our addiction treatment as we offer physical, psychological and well-being therapies to all of our clients.

Our range of psychological therapies includes psychotherapy, counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT), stress management, mediation therapy, motivational interviewing, and relapse prevention.

These are all important lessons for you to learn at our rehab in Stirchley, but drug or alcohol relapse is particularly useful as you’ll be putting this into practice as soon as you leave our rehab clinic. Our expert team will help you to identify the underlying reasons behind your drug or alcohol addiction so that you can recognise the triggers and avoid any relapses from halting your recovery.

  • What is the Admissions Process for our Drug and Alcohol Rehab Stirchley?

    The first step can be the hardest for most people. Once you’ve acknowledged that you need support for your drug or alcohol addiction, you’ve overcome the first hurdle. You can get in touch with our friendly admissions team either over the phone or via email, they can then talk you through the various treatment programmes available. They will answer any questions you may have about our rehab process and invite you to a pre-screening assessment. This is a great opportunity to review your physical and psychological health so that we can design the most effective addiction treatment for you.
  • What are some common signs of Alcohol Addiction?

    We frequently see people in denial about their addictions to alcohol or drugs, it can be very difficult to identify the signs of addiction. Some of the most common signs and symptoms include being dishonest, looking unwell or pale, drinking more to feel the desired effect, regular mood swings, always feeling tired, feeling less interested in socialising, and being unable to say no to alcohol.
  • Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab really effective?

    Throughout our many years of experience, our drug and alcohol rehab in Stirchley has successfully achieved a very high rate of long-term recoveries. Most of our clients who have completed our residential rehab have continued their recovery journey at home, avoiding any potential relapses. Our holistic and personalised approach to your rehabilitation combined with our expert addiction knowledge and dedication to helping our clients, gives you the greatest chance of succeeding.