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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Soho

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Soho

Whether you’re finding it hard to withdraw from drugs or alcohol, or you’re witnessing such struggles play out for a loved one, support is available. Private rehab offers both individual support for addicts, along with guidance and education for family and friends.

Also offering self-referrals, and family and friend referrals, the prospect of addiction recovery can become even more real. Whilst acceptance will be required for both, as our clients must be fully committed and invested in rehab, referrals can be a strong motivator to begin the process.

If you’re hoping to refer yourself to a drug and alcohol rehab in Soho, seek support at Rehab Clinics Group. Alternatively, if you’re looking to complete a family and friend referral or intervention, we’re here to assist.

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Helping yourself or others through rehab

An addiction not only impacts the user but also affects those around them. Relationships are known to weaken through such a turmoil disorder. Worry, stress levels, and pressure are all found to heighten for all parties, deteriorating mental health. It’s one of the most turbulent conditions due to its relapsing nature, which can be difficult to understand and work through.

Support is available for all parties through private rehab. You can either help yourself or a loved one/friend by accessing support, by increasing personal awareness and by making a change. Understandably, that may be easier said than done. Yet with a wealth of resources, confidential referrals and our team to hand, the recovery process can begin.

A self-referral can show personal commitment. A family and friend referral can increase the desirability of rehab and its necessary role. Both types of referrals can progress to an admission into a drug and alcohol rehab in Soho. Yet for this to become a reality, acceptance and involvement are musts.


Available treatment options in Soho

Through a referral, inpatient and outpatient treatment programmes will be accessible. Both offer different benefits for you and your loved ones.

Residential treatment is the most intense and progressive, helping to target addiction at a quick pace. It also offers a wealth of support for loved ones, by forming a structured, straightforward, and thorough recovery process. Carrying a 28-day timeline, an inpatient treatment programme can be accessed and completed with full confidentiality, through private rehab facilities and environments.

A wide range of one-to-one, group and family addiction treatments can also be worked through, offering a comprehensive treatment plan. Inpatient rehab is recognised as a reassuring process for all parties, due to the 24/7 support that’s offered.

A comprehensive approach can also be experienced through outpatient rehab. Yet the process will be spread out over a number of months. By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Soho, weekly treatment sessions can help to suppress cravings, adapt outlooks, and strengthen sober choices.

Outpatient support will also benefit loved ones, offering guidance and education on dealing with the process of addiction recovery. Sessions are still private and can be completed by one of our rehab centres.

Based on your commitment level, availability, budget, and lifestyle, either an inpatient or outpatient private rehab programme will benefit you. We can help you decide through the admissions process, helping to form the most effective rehabilitation journey.


Range of Addiction Therapies and Treatments

Both consumption and addictive behaviours must be suppressed in order to get clean. Consumption will be reduced at a safe pace through a detoxification process. Full medical assistance will be offered through a drug or alcohol detox, helping clients work through withdrawal symptoms and urges.

Therapy sessions will be the most prevalent treatment to complete through addiction rehab. Offered to understand, work through, and adapt behaviours, one-to-one and group sessions will be arranged. Family therapy, support groups, counselling sessions and cognitive behavioural therapy are effective addiction therapy options.

Treatments are also in place to solidify relapse prevention, offer greater awareness and to educate all parties on long-term recovery. Our therapies are evidence-based, proven to work once completed to a comprehensive rate.

Mental health treatments, such as depression treatment and stress treatment can also be completed through private rehab. As poor mental health is a common response to addiction, dual diagnosis programmes will be available as a part of the treatment process.


Aftercare Programmes here at Rehab Clinics Group

Aftercare programmes are free for all clients, available after completing an inpatient or outpatient treatment plan. Offering regular access to support groups, therapy sessions and visits, aftercare programmes are in place to provide ongoing support and guidance.

Peer support is invaluable throughout the challenges of early rehabilitation. Professional support is also influential, to offer direction through high-risk situations.

Services will be personally recommended and can also be accessed in a possible crisis, helping to prevent drug and alcohol abuse.

You can access our help through a self-referral. You can also share your concerns and hope to motivate a loved one to recover through a family and friend referral. Both options are available and can offer access into a drug and alcohol rehab in Soho through our group.

  • Can I recover through outpatient rehab?

    Outpatient rehab is an available option, suitable for people who require greater flexibility through addiction treatment. Recovering through a longer programme is possible, favoured by some. Yet as it can take longer and as greater distractions are present, others can struggle, requiring residential rehab. On your admission here at Rehab Clinics Group, we will gauge the most suitable rehab option for you.
  • Can I consume drugs and alcohol post-rehab?

    Further consumption, post-rehab, is highly discouraged. Over time, you will be exposed to drugs or alcohol, as both are normalised through society. Yet consumption can trigger addictive behaviours, causing relapse. Once you get clean, it’s recommended that you aim to remain sober, possible through a range of coping strategies and changes.
  • What type of treatment will help my mental health?

    Poor mental health is a common symptom of substance abuse. There are available treatments to help with this, offered through private rehab as dual diagnosis treatment. Therapy, mindfulness, support groups and the possible prescription of anti-depressants will be available. Most importantly, treatment will promote healthy and balanced choices, found to improve mental health and addiction recovery.