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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centres In Essex

We have treatment centres for Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Essex

While Essex is associated with upmarket towns and pleasant villages, there has been a rise in the number of people seeking addiction treatment in this elegant county.

With 24/7 support from the experts and world-class treatments, we do everything we can to help you get sober and turn your life around.

We work with clients from towns within Essex, such as:

  • Chelmsford
  • Basildon
  • Brentwood
  • Braintree
  • Colchester
  • Clacton
  • Romford
  • Harlow


Is It Time For Me To Go To Rehab in Essex?

If you’re searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Essex, then the odds are you think your drinking or substance abuse has reached the point of being problematic. There’s often something that motivates people to finally seek help, whether it’s financial problems, a relationship breakdown or simply the realisation that you can no longer control your drinking or drug use. Many people with addictions are deep in denial, and even the mention of rehab centres can cause them negative feelings, so it can be long process to encourage people to get help. That’s why many people choose private rehab, as it means you avoid the long waits associated with the NHS and get help when you need it most.


How Effective Is Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Essex?

Residential rehab offered by the Rehab Clinics Group in Essex is one of the most effective ways to overcome an addiction. This is because they’re staffed by people who are experts in addiction, and we offer world-class behavioural addiction therapies that can help you change your mindset. We want everyone who attends one of our centres to gain the skills to stay away from alcohol and drugs for life, and we offer workshops and therapy sessions where you can learn how to prevent a relapse.

One thing that people are often concerned about in rehab is going through alcohol or drug detox. An advantage of going into a treatment facility is that your detox is medically assisted, with prescription medication that can get you through the toughest times. You’ll also benefit from round the clock support, so if you are feeling unwell or need someone to talk to, there is always someone around. In this safe, supportive environment, you have the best possible chance of ridding your body of drink or drugs.


What’s It Like In Rehabs In Essex?

When people call our team, they are often anxious about what it’s like to go through detox, rehab and the process of addiction treatment. Treatment at our rehab facilities near Essex usually begins with a detox, which can help you rid your body of drugs or alcohol, and although this can often be tough, it can also be a big relief. Most patients opt for a 28-day long programme, which means you then go through an intensive but rewarding process of therapy both as an individual and in groups with fellow patients, allowing you to think about why you developed an addiction and what triggers you to pick up a drink or buy drugs.

At the Rehab Clinics Group, we don’t just focus on traditional therapy when you come to us for drug or alcohol rehab. We also offer treatment options such as holistic therapies, from aromatherapy and massage to art therapy sessions. This allows you to discover new ways to stay away from alcohol and drugs and might even inspire you to develop new interests after rehab.


What Are My Options For Drug And Alcohol Rehab In Essex?

At the Rehab Clinics Group, we offer a small but exclusive selection of facilities if you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Essex. Although you may be looking for a rehab clinic that’s close to home, in our experience, it’s often better to consider places that are a little further away, as this gives you some much-needed breathing room.

Some of our centres include Cassiobury Court, set in a leafy suburb of Watford, or Asana Lodge in the Northamptonshire countryside. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure of the highest levels of support and care.


What Happens Once I Leave an Essex Rehab Facility?

When you’re searching for drug and alcohol rehab in Essex, it’s often the case that you simply want to get off harmful substances, but it’s worth considering your long-term recovery too. If you complete a 28-day programme with us, you’ll receive a year of free aftercare, which means you can get through that tough first-year post-rehab. These support groups can help you keep in touch with others who’ve been through treatment and build a support network.

In addition to our aftercare, you might also want to find local support near Essex, from Narcotics Anonymous to Alcoholics Anonymous, which ensures you always have someone to turn to when times get difficult. You may also benefit from extended care, such as additional therapy, and before you leave our Essex clinic, we’ll discuss your specific needs. If you graduate from one of our programmes that’s 28 days in length, as well as completing aftercare, you have an excellent chance of overcoming your addiction in the long term and can start living your life once again.

If you are worried about your drink or drug use and are looking for rehab centres near Essex, call the Rehab Clinic Group today on 03301 596 494. You can also send a text of HELP to 83222 or request a call back on the site. We will assume it’s OK to call you and can discuss your specific needs.