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Both mental health conditions, such as depression, and substance abuse are life-limiting disorders to experience.

Alone they can cause significant disruption to life. Yet, together, they cause a vicious cycle that cannot be deterred without the intervention of dual diagnosis treatment.

A dual diagnosis is where both symptoms of mental health conditions are met with drug and alcohol problems, known to aggravate and worsen one another.

At the moment, those who struggle with their mental health will not consider the impacts of substance abuse or the likelihood of addiction.

Those who rely on drugs and alcohol will not pre-empt the development of cognitive vulnerabilities. However, together, they are common, they do materialise, and they do require professional treatment.

If you’re visiting our website here at Rehab Clinics Group with concerns over your mental health and/or consumption habits, we can help.

By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood, you can source, access and secure the type of care, support and treatment you need to recover.

We will be here to assist, facilitate and motivate your recovery journey from one of our reputable treatment centres. It’s up to you whether you’d prefer to stay near Brentwood or look further afield for treatment.

As a group, we’re extremely passionate about promoting opportunities of freedom for our clients, which is still probable for those with a dual diagnosis.

Contact our team to experience the necessary processes to stabilise both your mental health and your drug and alcohol habits.


Mental health and substance abuse

Unfortunately, while living with an addiction is challenging enough, the development of mental health symptoms or a potential diagnosis is common.

This is down to the turmoil that drugs and alcohol cause when considering the mood and mental stability, down to the adaptations that they influence causing a chemical imbalance, and down to the consequences that they result in.

If you’re abusing drugs and alcohol, it’s therefore normal if you’re displaying symptoms of depression, compulsive behaviours or anxiety.

Those with pre-existing mental health issues are also found to rely on drugs and alcohol as coping strategies. In the moment they are viewed as helpful sources of distraction and management.

However, through the positives come to the negatives, which can amount to a substance use disorder. Again, if you’re already struggling mentally, and have relied on drugs and alcohol, this is sadly normal.

While both are normal responses, we must however destabilise the norm of a dual diagnosis, as it is a serious position to be placed within, causing even greater challenges than standalone addiction.

Through such relationships, completing dual diagnosis treatment will be essential to recovering as, without mutual efforts, one condition can trigger the other to resurface, causing concern for long-term recovery.


Sourcing treatment via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood

The best way to aim for mutual recovery is by visiting a drug and alcohol rehab clinic to complete dual diagnosis treatment. If you’re predominantly suffering from your mental health, you may believe that such recommendations will be pointless.

However, drug and alcohol rehab services are comprehensive and are suitable to not only disrupt addictive behaviours, but also mental vulnerabilities.

By visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood, you can therefore complete treatment that is appropriate to work through both disorders, while also improving your quality of life and lifestyle.

The aim is to diminish and manage both mental health issues and addiction, as without equal efforts, festering symptoms can disrupt healthy choices, meaning that relapse will be likely.

To avoid this outcome, visiting a specialist drug and alcohol rehab clinic will be beneficial, which we can assist with at Rehab Clinics Group.

Through our group of treatment centres, we can help you remain close to home in Brentwood, or we can help you encounter the opportunity of residential rehab at afar.

Whatever works best for you, we’re here to recommend, refer, facilitate and guide you through dual diagnosis recovery.


Dual diagnosis treatment

To treat both addiction and mental health issues, treatment service recommendations are pretty similar. Both require vast psychological intervention, where talking therapies, rebuild techniques and relapse prevention will take the spotlight.

However, to ensure that equal efforts are experienced, dual diagnosis treatment should be completed independently, where you’ll have singular treatment programmes for each disorder.

To work through a drug and alcohol addiction, appropriate treatments include detoxification, cognitive behavioural therapy, family therapy, support groups and stress management.

For mental health recovery, holistic treatments, art workshops, exposure therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and wellbeing sessions are suitable.

Depending on the makeup of your addiction, and your mental health symptoms, treatment services will be assigned personally, to ensure that you can complete the right treatment for your needs.

In tandem with primary treatment services, you’ll also complete relapse prevention planning, social treatments, and lifestyle management to prolong recovery capabilities.


Experiencing the type and level of care you deserve

By selecting to recover via a drug and alcohol rehab in Brentwood, through our care, you’ll experience the exact type and level of support you need to recover.

Support is an invaluable asset through drug and alcohol rehabilitation. However, to truly benefit from it, it is important to source suitable support for your needs.

For example, if you are suffering on a dual basis, securing dual diagnosis treatment will be essential. If you’re mainly suffering from addiction, selecting a specialist treatment centre will be wise.

If you’re significantly focused on your mental health, making use of holistic recovery efforts will be recommended. We can work around your needs and form a treatment programme that will reflect such needs.

It’s important to feel comfortable and confident in your impending recovery journey, which is a recognised benefit of our services, helping you experience the care you deserve.

Do not suffer in silence through mental health struggles and/or drug and alcohol problems. Help is available, is recommended and is life-changing for most.

Take control of your next steps by sourcing dual diagnosis treatment via a leading drug and alcohol rehab, accessible in Brentwood or further afield.