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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Waltham Abbey

We have treatment centres for drugs and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we offer a number of referral services to support individuals suffering from addiction, including both those witnessing and experiencing the burden of substance abuse. By reaching out, the admission process will begin, providing direct access to a drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey. Reasonably, an intervention may be required prior to admission through a third-party rehab referral.

Carrying the benefits of safe, leading, and personalised treatment plans, private rehab will be a worthwhile experience throughout the rehabilitation process.

Reach out to our team to access the right type of rehab support, treatment, and journey for your needs.


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Rehab Referrals

Rehab referrals can be completed from a personal standpoint, known as a self-referral, or can be completed by a concerned loved one, known as a family and friend referral. Professional referrals can also be made by employers or colleagues.

Referrals into rehab ensure that the right type of support is available, along with providing suitable guidance throughout the next steps of an admissions process.

For self-referrals, you will have accepted the need for professional help. But for third-party referrals, we will need proof the person you are contacting on behalf of will accept our assistance. We cannot force anyone to attend our facilities.

With the acceptance of support comes the chance to work through the admissions process, to find and experience a reliable referral into a drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey. At Rehab Clinics Group, we offer all types of referrals to make private rehab an accessible and considered treatment option.


Expectations of a drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey

Accessing support, treatment and a recovery plan can be expected via a drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey. Due to the professional, medical, and holistic guidance that’s available, rehab is found to be the most effective way to recover from addiction.

An addiction is a complicated condition, which can be difficult to treat through a generic rehabilitation programme. Instead, a personalised programme can be worked through, to treat direct causes, symptoms and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Possible through a mix of evidence-based treatment services and outlets of support, recovering through private care will be encouraged.

Residing in a drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey will be recommended for 30 days, offering a homely, comfortable, and private setting. You’ll have your own plan to follow, your own dedicated team of specialists, and your own safe haven to focus on rehabilitating.

Another benefit of professional support is that a strong foundation can be built through an inpatient programme. Each step of a programme will combine to form a comprehensive process of rehabilitation, including anything from detoxification to discharge planning.

Experiencing such quality throughout your rehabilitation journey will be doable through our referral services.


Safe detoxification process

Inpatient rehab will offer the ability to safely detox from drugs and alcohol. A medical detoxification process will be offered as a treatment service, to begin the process of withdrawal. Withdrawal is very important, to remove toxins, balance the body and accept sobriety.

The structure and ongoing medical observations of inpatient rehab allow for detoxing to be a safe and lasting process, found to reduce drug and alcohol cravings and effects.


Leading addiction therapy options

Through a drug and alcohol rehab in Waltham Abbey, you will have access to bespoke addiction treatment and therapy programmes. Therapy will be encouraged to motivate psychological addiction recovery.

Addiction is found to develop and worsen your mental health, due to the emotional and positive reinforcements that drugs and alcohol incur. To withdraw from drugs and alcohol on an emotional level, therapy will be advised, through many different means.

Leading addiction therapy options include cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy, exposure therapy, motivational therapy, family therapy and group therapy.

During a 30-day programme, physical detoxification and psychological rehabilitation will be completed, alongside safeguarding your efforts with relapse prevention planning.

Helping our clients achieve individual recovery goals is our mission here at Rehab Clinics Group, best delivered through the personalisation of rehab, with a focus on addiction treatment. A unique mix of evidence-based treatments and therapies will be available to help you feel better, to manage recovery and to sustain it.


Personalised aftercare plans

Offered on an outpatient basis, a range of aftercare treatment services will be combined to form a 12-month free programme.

Life after rehab can be tough, looking to balance freedom and sobriety with the risks of drug and alcohol exposure. Aftercare is offered to ease the balancing act, throughout the first year of recovery, all tailored to your lifestyle, needs and recovery goals.

Through our range of treatment centres, such standards are offered, all starting with the commitment of a rehab referral. Access the right type and quality of rehab here at Rehab Clinics Group, by remaining local to Waltham Abbey for inpatient treatment.

  • What is the admission process?

    The admissions process is the journey into rehab, in place to ensure that suitable recommendations can be made. It assesses personal needs, whilst comparing them against the offering of rehab, to ensure that recovery efforts can be delivered. It’s also a process to make all arrangements and prepare for rehab, which we can help with.
  • What happens during detoxification?

    Detoxification is the act of withdrawal, helping to remove drugs and alcohol from the body. With medical safety in mind, drug and alcohol exposure will be cut off, to slowly detox and learn to function without their influence.
  • How long will I have to be at rehab?

    Rehab programmes do differ with timespans. However, the average programme carries over a month, offering adequate time to promote rehabilitation. Personal needs will adjust this, shared through the admission process.