Alcohol Rehab Timeline – What To Expect 

Alcohol Rehab Timeline – What To Expect 

Recovering from alcoholism will be a life-long focus. Over time it will get easier, yet there are some commitments that you’ll need to make in order to permanently stop drinking. One of those commitments is alcohol rehab, an instrumental step that motivates recovery.

Alcohol rehab is a private and professionally guided service, which delivers the treatments, tools, and resources to promote early recovery. The rehabilitation process is also a commitment that offers the direction and habits to imagine and experience a sober future.

The alcohol rehab process will differ for each person who checks into our clinics here at Rehab Clinics Group. Yet the general consensus is that rehab is an essential step, offering the chance to get and remain clean.

Whilst personalised and tailored to individual needs, there are some core treatments, responses and recommendations which make up the rehab timeline. Here’s an expanded look, as we consider the alcohol rehab timeline – what to expect.

Preparing for, experiencing, and benefitting from alcohol rehab is a possible commitment here at Rehab Clinics Group, helping to set the tone for long-term recovery. Reach out to begin our admissions process.


How To Prepare For Alcohol Rehab

Before entering alcohol rehab, it is essential to prepare. Knowing what to expect will set you up for greater acceptance and commitment, whilst physical planning will secure rehab as a feasible step.

If you’re at the very beginning of your recovery journey, you’ll need to find a suitable treatment provider to rely on. That’s where we come in at Rehab Clinics Group, operating a network of CQC drug and alcohol rehab clinics across the country. Here to accommodate your needs and offer a positive rehab experience, you can work with our team to select a treatment centre.

With professional support, you should then prepare for your admission. You should set aside enough time to work through the alcohol rehab timeline. You should also have enough resources to see yourself through to the other side. Orchestrating your everyday life to support your residential rehab stay will be imperative, to make sure that you can focus on your recovery. Handing over day-to-day responsibilities to your loved ones, friends and employer will be recommended.

Alongside the logistics of alcohol rehab, knowing what to expect from the experience itself will be encouraged. It is very important to prepare your mind, form some expectations, and also understand what will be expected of you. With awareness, you’ll feel more comfortable with the treatments that you’ll complete, the timeline of rehab, and what happens after rehab.

We’re here to help you start on the right foot, offering some insight into the alcohol rehab timeline – what to expect.


What To Expect During Alcohol Rehab?

Alcohol rehab is a progressive, safe, and comfortable process. It is designed to support people with heaving drinking problems and substance abuse by guiding them through medically accredited and holistic treatments.

You can expect to work through an effective programme of alcohol addiction treatments, to help you withdraw, rehabilitate and plan for the future. Alcohol rehab offers imminent results, by promoting sobriety as a realistic goal. Yet it also benefits the future, by helping our clients understand their problems and manage them through relapse prevention planning and lifestyle changes.

To experience alcohol rehab, there is a specific timeline that must be worked through, which for the average person, will take 4 weeks to complete. By checking into an alcohol rehab clinic, a progressive process can be experienced, offering 24/7 medical assistance and emotional support.

Living at home whilst recovering from any type of addiction can be challenging. By instead residing in a private rehab, you’ll have the motivation, focus and peace to complete alcohol rehabilitation. Here’s what can be achieved over a 4-week rehab programme. If you do require a longer timeline, or hope to complete a slower programme, residential stays can be prolonged, and treatment options are available for consideration.


The Alcohol Rehab Process

Admission into rehab

In order to begin a 4-week programme, the admissions process must first be completed. Admission will be completed alongside our team, helping to arrange the logistics, contents, and timeline of your rehab programme.

Advice, direction on preparing for rehab, and emotional support will be available whilst sharing your needs and making some big decisions on your next steps. Admission can be a very quick process, all depending on your urgency for addiction treatment.


Alcohol detoxification

The alcohol rehab timeline truly begins at the detoxification step. This is also known as a medical detox, as individuals are under the care of medical professionals. Detox will be your first exposure to treatment, helping you withdraw from alcohol. In order to curb heavy drinking habits, a medically assisted detox process must be worked through, helping to reduce alcohol cravings and remove all toxins from the body.

Alcohol withdrawal symptoms are expected across the timeline, which can range from mild cravings and nausea to life-threatening delirium tremens. Due to the unpredictable nature and effects of alcohol withdrawal, medical assistance will be available 24 hours a day to help you through alcohol detox.

The detox timeline will usually take between 1-2 weeks to benefit from. Withdrawal symptoms are usually suppressed by day 10, with the help of replacement medications and therapies. For some clients, a longer detox will be arranged, as symptoms of alcohol withdrawal can continue for a number of weeks depending on the amount of alcohol that’s been abused.


Treatments and therapies

The focus of alcohol rehab will then shift towards addiction treatment. A range of treatments and therapies will be recommended for the remainder of your residential stay. Depending on your personal needs, circumstances, mental health and addiction history, the most effective treatment services will be encouraged.

Our therapies and treatments are proven to encourage addiction recovery. We offer a range of medical, psychological, wellbeing, social and holistic therapies, to optimally treat the various types and severities of addiction, symptoms, and triggers.

Treatment sessions will help to uncover the cause behind your alcohol problems. Sessions will be guided by addiction counsellors and psychiatrists, helping you see your unhealthy habits of alcohol abuse. Adaptations will be made to your outlooks, coping skills, motivations, and lifestyle choices in order to heal mentally.

Addiction treatments and therapies include:

  • Cognitive behavioural therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Stress management
  • Relapse prevention
  • Family interviewing and mediation therapy
  • Trauma and abuse counselling
  • Mental health treatments
  • Art, drama, and music therapy
  • Sleep management therapy
  • Mindfulness and body scan
  • Self-help
  • Low-level laser therapy
  • Holistic therapies
  • Family visits
  • Fellowship events
  • Support groups
  • Leisure and group outings

Core treatments will fill the alcohol rehab timeline, along with some additional therapies to work through any health conditions or personal concerns.


Aftercare and relapse prevention

As we consider the alcohol rehab timeline – what to expect, the commitment will also continue on a post-rehab basis.

Aftercare services and relapse prevention are important steps, which help to strengthen the life-long commitment to sobriety. Aftercare services will be offered over the next 12 months, inclusive of private rehab. Regular support group meetings, check-ins, therapy sessions and 12-step recovery sessions will be arranged, as you adjust to your new outlook and routine. Relapse prevention planning is an educational process, that helps you understand relapse and high-risk situations whilst planning for their prevention.

Alcohol rehab is designed to help our clients continue through recovery with the tools, confidence, and awareness to excel. Professional support will be available for you to feel prepared, to work through any relapse risks and to learn how to stop drinking in the future.


Alcohol Rehab Here At Rehab Clinics Group

An efficient timeline of treatment can be completed here at Rehab Clinics Group. With a number of rehab clinics to select from, we can help you experience the most effective treatment programme, to kickstart your recovery.

Detox, rehabilitate and prepare for future sobriety through the alcohol rehab timeline. Although commitment must continue, rehab helps to ingrain positive habits, behaviours, and routines, useful to carry forward.

Reach out for further insight into the alcohol rehab timeline – what to expect, from the type of setting that you’ll reside into your admissions checklist. We’re here to ease the rehab process and help you benefit from alcohol rehabilitation.