Brad Pitt Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction

Brad Pitt Opens Up About His Alcohol Addiction

Are you currently suffering from an alcohol addiction? If so, have you reached out for support? Whether that’s through loved ones or professionals, many individuals suffering from substance abuse and mental health issues struggle to open up.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we understand why. We understand how difficult living with an alcohol addiction is, and how the thought of sharing this experience with others is petrifying. It feels like a burden. It feels like a nasty smell you’re frightened to be judged for.

However, we can reassure you that this is far from the truth. Opening up is vital. Not only will it improve your opportunities to recover from addiction, but it will also inspire others to avoid hazardous drugs as coping mechanisms.

See below how Brad Pitt and his acknowledgement of alcoholism has helped him recover while breaking the stigma of keeping silent through addiction. If this story inspires you to recover, see our recommendations and available addiction treatments here at Rehab Clinics Group. We are here to help you see the other side of the addiction tunnel.


Brad Pitt shares his struggles with alcohol

Brad Pitt and alcohol addiction – looking back over his years on screen, those two words may not go together well. Yet, those two words describe the recent struggles the actor has experienced, admitting to many papers, such as The New York Times.

A few months back, Brad Pitt openly admitted the struggles he’s experienced with alcohol. From years of binge drinking and family stuff to the impacts it has had through his relationship with Angelina Jolie, the actor has promoted the importance of acknowledgement.

Living through denial and the side effects of substance abuse will not serve anyone well. For Pitt, once forming a relationship with Jennifer Anniston, he knew that his drinking privileges had to come to an end. From here, he’s actively sourced support through alcoholic anonymous sessions, describing them as a ‘safe place’ – as a place to be open and honest.

If this reflects your current reality, struggles upon struggles with alcohol, now should be the time to be open and honest. Use Brand Pitt’s experience with alcohol addiction and recovery as inspiration to reach out. Support awaits you, helping you work through your alcohol addiction.


Why opening up and reaching for support is important?

Without opening up and sharing your struggles with alcohol, the ongoing negative impacts of addiction will continue. Years of side effects and withdrawal symptoms will become draining, takings its toll on your body and mental health. Not to mention the impacts this can have on your relationships, as seen in Brad Pitts experience.

For some individuals, an acknowledgement may be made. Yet, without sourcing support, this cycle of alcoholism will continue long into the future, making it difficult to rehabilitate.

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we have witnessed many individuals live a life full of struggles; struggles that could have been avoided by breaking the stigma. We’ve also seen others similar to the Brand Pitt alcohol addiction story, turn their lives around through completing consistent addiction treatment.

If you’re living with an addiction of any form, we urge you to consider the reality ahead of you without taking this step. The sooner that you lean on your family members, and accept intervention, the easier recovery will be. Overcome your problem with alcohol by following our active steps below to finding specialised addiction treatment.


How to find support while battling through an alcohol addiction?

If Brad Pitt’s alcohol addiction outcome has inspired you, there are many ways you can also find valuable support. Yet, before investing in any form of addiction treatment, we advise two initial steps here at Rehab Clinics Group.

Firstly, we recommend preparing yourself mentally for what’s ahead. It is important that you’re fully committed to the upcoming change. Overcoming an alcohol addiction can be very challenging, therefore, now is the time to prepare yourself. Secondly, we advise being open and honest with your loved ones.

This step will provide you with a strong support network as you begin addiction recovery. If you’re unfortunately finding it difficult to reach out to family members, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can act as your first point of contact. We follow a compassionate approach, offering a helping hand for all individuals.

Once you’ve come to terms with each step, now is the time to source a specialised rehab that promotes alcohol-specific treatments. Here you’ll complete a number of treatment options, along with the decision between inpatient and outpatient treatment.

When sourcing professional support, the most important step is to ensure appropriateness is maintained for you personally. There will be many treatment options out there, promoting recovery for alcoholics. Yet, certain routes will only carry success for mild alcohol addictions.

Remember that everyone is different, has varying experiences with alcohol and will also experience a different rehab journey. The most important thing to remember is that this is your journey to change your life, and hopefully inspire, as Brad Pitt has.


Our addiction treatments here at Rehab Clinics Group

If you’re struggling to source a specialised rehab facility, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we offer leading addiction treatments for those struggling with alcoholism. We additionally support individuals with a dual diagnosis through effective mental health treatments.

Common addiction treatments we will promote include an alcohol detox programme, cognitive behavioural therapy, individual therapy sessions and motivational therapy. The aim of each will include disconnecting both physical and mental alcohol cravings. This combination of treatment options will help you work at your own pace while hitting all recovery milestones.

With our support and personalised treatment programme, your alcohol addiction can be something of the past. We can inspire, motivate and guide you to sobriety. Yet, it’s important that you’re ready for this journey ahead.

Take the first step by opening up and reaching out for support, following Brand Pitts alcohol addiction outcome. Once you’re ready to rehabilitate, we will be ready to support you through rehab.