Can You Leave Rehab at Any Time?

Can You Leave Rehab at Any Time?

When you are facing drug or alcohol addiction, the best course of action is to go to private rehab to help you overcome your addiction. Residential rehab facilities have high success rates and are incredibly beneficial to long-term sobriety. However, what happens if you feel that you no longer need to finish the course, or simply want to leave?

No rehab programme will keep you against your will and you can leave rehab at any time, however, leaving rehab during recovery and not completing treatment can create some problems such as relapse. Leaving your psychological treatments early may mean that you will not have the outcome of addiction recovery that you desired.


What is the Importance of Completing Rehab?

Whilst you can voluntarily leave if you feel that you are not happy at a drug or alcohol rehab facility, it is first best to assess the reason for your decision to leave. Rehabilitation is a commitment, and any other mental health factors at play must be dealt with to ensure that you are making the right decision. Returning home from rehab early carries some difficulties and lack of clarity and repeated use of addictive substances can leave you in a worse position. Rehabilitation is a process and each step has vital assistance.

The benefits of continuing on with your programme are:

  • A dedicated aftercare plan – your rehab programme doesn’t just end after your therapies. They continue long after to ensure that you are doing well if you successfully complete a treatment programme
  • Healing broken relationships – counselling sessions will allow you to rebuild or heal broken bonds
  • You will be healthier – your physical and mental health will be greatly improved
  • You can learn about yourself – you will have the opportunity to set goals, work on your personal life journey and feel more confident and comfortable in your own skin


Reasons People Leave Rehab Early

It is common to feel a little lost at times during your rehabilitation journey. However, you’ll have a huge support group and will feel welcomed and prepared to do your best. Some people may feel that their journey is not how they imagined it. Here are some of the most common reasons why people leave rehab early:

  • Feeling pressured to make a big change
  • Disliking the food or environment around them
  • Feeling as if the treatment is not working
  • Mood swings and feeling unstable with your mental health
  • Poor adaptation to a new environment – sleep issues etc
  • Issues with other patients

It should be known that all of the above risks can be managed with the help of a professional multidisciplinary team. Any issues should be flagged up and appropriately dealt with. Residential rehab centres aim to ensure you are comfortable and feel well cared for. To access positive outcomes, you should stay on your programme full term.


Consequences of Leaving Rehab Early

Leaving your programme early can have detrimental consequences. Small bumps in the road are possible, but the bigger picture should continue to remain at the forefront of your mind. Long-term sobriety and support for your health are vital to success. There are many significant consequences of leaving rehab, which include:

  • You won’t be able to prevent relapse – at this point, you may struggle to continue all the treatments that are tailor-made to help you succeed
  • You may feel worse before you feel better – this can lead to emotional unrest, which may mean you misuse your addictive substance, and therefore overdose risk is higher
  • You’ll remove your daily support – any of your daily support will be revoked when you leave, and your contact much more limited
  • Withdrawal symptoms won’t be managed – withdrawal symptoms can last weeks and are mitigated during rehab, which means you may still feel depressed or anxious

The impact that a premature ending of treatment has on you is substantial and can leave you in a more difficult position. Rehabilitation is tailor-made to your needs, which means that you are treated as an individual.


What Happens if You Leave Rehab Early?

Can you leave rehab anytime? Well, simply, yes. As we already stated, you are not legally obliged to stay at rehabilitation, although it is recommended by professionals. Leaving early simply means you are probably going to start back at square one again. Not only is it a waste of time and resources, but also mentally taxing and leaves you feeling more overwhelmed. You would have to be reassessed and start the process from the beginning, which takes time and money.

The most important benefits of a good rehabilitation programme are that you can find the best resources and information for your future. You can gain help starting a new career, finding a place to live, or continuing your studies. Outpatient programmes can be implemented also, including support groups, ongoing therapy, and aftercare plans that can be conducted face-to-face or digitally. Continuing care and support will maintain a healthy perspective on life and therefore you are less likely to start abusing drugs or alcohol again.


Alternatives to Leaving Rehab Early

Leaving addiction treatment early should always be carefully communicated to your professional team. If no conclusion can be reached and the environment and situation cannot be changed for the better, then you should be aware of possible pathways. You may want to speak to your counsellor about taking a temporary break. However, this should not be an extended amount of time and should be carefully planned with your team.

You may want to also explore your options for adjusting the treatment plan. There may be a specific element that doesn’t resonate with you anymore, or something you feel is unnecessary. It is possible to change and adapt to your new needs as you go along. It may be as simple as changing your bedding to something more comfortable or shifting the timetable a little. These things must all be fully explored before you decide to be hasty and quit the programme altogether.

Open communication with our team members is important. We are there to help and we want to ensure a healthy and happy time at the facility, for a healthier and happier version of yourself. Get in touch today or phone 0800 470 0382 to learn more.