Could Attaching Electrodes to the Brain Be The Cure to Alcoholism?

Could Attaching Electrodes to the Brain Be The Cure to Alcoholism?

Are you suffering from alcohol addiction? Have you struggled to find a cure for alcoholism?

With the aim to fully recover from alcoholism, the completion of a wide range of physical and psychological addiction treatments is usually required. However, unfortunately for some individuals, this can sometimes still result in future alcohol relapses.

It’s important to remember that addiction recovery is likely for the masses, through a high-quality treatment programme and personal commitment to rehabilitation. However, for some individuals with deeply ingrained addictions, an internal, psychological weakness may be present.

With this in mind, significant research and trials have been completed on a range of life-altering treatment options. Within that group, attaching electrodes to the brain has been identified as a potential cure for alcoholism. Join us, here at Rehab Clinics Group as we run through the potential of this cure, along with alternative addiction treatments, available at our rehab facilities.


The Impacts of Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse or alcoholism can have a significant impact on a users’ life. Without control over drinking habits or the quantities of alcohol consumed, a physical dependence, resulting in substance abuse its likely. This is dangerous in itself. Yet, as alcohol consumption levels continue for a long time, alcoholism and the connected psychological side effects can develop.

Here, an individual’s physical and mental health is likely to deteriorate, along with the general quality of day to day life. Unbearable withdrawal symptoms are also likely in-between alcohol consumption, making it difficult to act as normal. Currently, alcoholism isn’t taken as seriously as drug abuse. However, it is imperative that users understand that alcohol is in fact a drug. Although available to purchase in-store, long-term abuse of alcohol can carry life-threatening harm.

With this in mind, we recommend alcohol withdrawal as soon as possible through a specialist addiction treatment plan. Stop drinking by finding a cure for alcoholism, with our help.


Alcoholism and The Brain

Addiction is a psychologically driven, behavioural habit. Many individuals experiencing alcoholism will have initially abused alcohol as an escape from mental health issues, underlying psychological problems or stress.

However, as the abuse continues, great pressure is placed on the brain. Common alcohol consumption is identified to block chemical signals in the brain. Here’s where a reduced response rate is experienced, along with limited memory functioning. However, long-term abuse can cause significant damage, reducing neural activity and even destroying brain cells.

Alongside tangible damage, alcoholism can result in a dual diagnosis of a mental health issue. This is down to the pressure placed on the brain, causing hormones and normal functionality to imbalance. Outlooks will also be affected, along with coping mechanisms and influences. Commonly, anxiety, depression, paranoia and neurological disorders such as schizophrenia are experienced by those living with a chronic alcohol use disorder.

Long-term alcohol abuse will turn into a habit. It will be difficult to break that habit once the brain is wired and programmed to process and live off alcohol. With this in mind, significant alcohol withdrawal will be required to revert psychological functioning and break the habit.


The Potential of Electrodes as a Cure for Alcoholism

Through the significant impacts an alcohol use disorder has on the brain, psychological intervention is a must. However, for some individuals, counselling sessions and support groups may not be enough to promote the long-term ability to stay sober.

As a result of this, trials and tests have been completed across the globe, focusing on a cure for alcoholism. One result that positively influenced recovery was linked to attaching electrodes to the brain; ultimately completing brain therapy. Here, deep brain stimulation is completed, by connecting a device to the chest. From here, electrical impulses are sent from the device, to the area of the brain which controls addiction and reward circuitry, called the “nucleus accumbens“.

The aim of this potential treatment option is to reset the brain. To programme the brain to its usual activity before alcoholism was experienced. An alcohol use disorder is fuelled in the brain, known as a ‘brain-based disorder’. With this in mind, resetting the brain has been known to diminish physical and psychological cravings of alcohol, while changing outlooks on substance abuse.

Attaching electrodes to the brain is a new therapy. With this in mind, it currently isn’t available in common rehab centres. However, there are a range of effective treatment options in place, acting as a cure for alcoholism. It’s important to remember that not all individuals will require extensive brain therapy. This is only common for individuals with a chronic psychological dependence on alcohol, where further treatment options have been exhausted.


Alternative Addiction Treatment to Rehabilitate

With the aim to cure both physical and psychological fixations on alcohol, there are a range of common yet effective addiction treatments available.

Known to detoxify the body, an alcohol detox programme will usually be completed. This will realign the body, removing all toxins. Yet, to truly cure alcoholism, psychological intervention is the prominent treatment option. From counselling sessions and support groups, to cognitive behavioural therapy and motivation therapy, extensive psychological support will be available.

Here is where influences and alcohol triggers will be uncovered, with the aim to diminish them. This is a common cure for alcoholism, helping to rebalance the brain. However, to further maintain recovery, coping mechanisms and recovery programmes will be encouraged to avoid alcohol relapses.


Our Treatment Services Here at Rehab Clinics Group

If you’re currently living with alcoholism, with the aim to find a cure, here at Rehab Clinics Group, we can help. Although there unfortunately isn’t a set-in stone cure for alcoholism available in the UK, such as brain therapy, we do offer extensive treatment programmes, known to promote recovery.

It is imperative that comprehensive rehab programmes are worked through to overcome alcoholism. Get in touch today to discuss your treatment options, along with any future opportunities for a direct cure for alcoholism.

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