Therapy and Treatment options to help fight Depression and Anxiety

Therapy and Treatment options to help fight Depression and Anxiety

Many of us have times when we’re feeling down, lonely, nervous, generally just not at our best. When you’re feeling like this, it’s difficult to remember that you’re not alone and in fact these feelings are quite normal. However, when these emotions are experienced over a long period of time and begin to consume you, this could be depression or anxiety that you’re dealing with. These conditions can be completely debilitating, you may struggle to just get through the day never mind function normally.

Depression and anxiety aren’t something to be taken lightly, if not managed appropriately, they can have significant consequences. There are treatment plans for anxiety and depression widely available across the UK, here at Rehab Clinics Group we can create a personalised treatment for anxiety and depression. By utilising a combination of individual and group therapy techniques to manage depression, anxiety and the underlying causes, our programmes are designed to achieve a full recovery. We provide essential education, advice, and guidance, all of which are integral to achieving a long-term recovery from anxiety or depression.


What is the best treatment for depression and anxiety?

First we must identify what depression and anxiety truly are. Too often these terms are bandied around loosely by people who aren’t fully certain what it means themselves. Clinical depression is a life-changing condition, defined as ‘a mental health disorder characterised by a persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment of daily life’. Does this sound familiar to you? Of course, each person suffering with depression will experience varied symptoms, but you’d typically expect to see low self-esteem, lack of interest in personal hygiene, poor nutrition, and a general lack of care in their appearance and health.

Anxiety can cause regular panic attacks or trigger a daily social phobia. Unfortunately, anxiety disorders are becoming more popular, OCD, PTSD and general phobias are common examples. Living with anxiety can be extremely distressing, not just for the individual who is suffering with the condition but also for their loved ones surrounding them. It’s difficult to lead a normal life with so many constant worries and negative thoughts, it’s vital that you seek professional support as soon as possible.

If you believe you could be suffering from depression or anxiety, it’s critical that you seek out an accurate diagnosis. You can do this by visiting your GP who will be able to determine whether you’re suffering from severe depression or anxiety, or a milder form of the condition. This diagnosis will then determine the treatment options which would work best for you, thus creating an effective medical treatment for anxiety and depression.


What kind of therapies does our treatment centre offer?

We conduct an initial assessment on your psychological and physical health, this helps our team to provide the best care and support for you throughout your treatment for anxiety and depression. We may be able to determine the cause of your condition, for example, a traumatic event in your life or a disturbing episode experienced in childhood which could have prompted your disorder. We understand that each person’s experience is unique, our team are very understanding, respectful and of course, confidential when discussing your condition with you.

We’re there for you 24/7, whenever you need us. Our support will be a great help to you as you go along this journey, motivating you and building your confidence each step of the way. As we mentioned, you’ll receive a personalised treatment plan for anxiety and depression. However, in accordance with our holistic approach, we typically deliver the following treatments to most individuals as they have such a high success rate. We provide cognitive behavioural therapy which works on changing your mindset by promoting positive thoughts. This is a fantastic tool in showing you healthy methods of overcoming any future psychological triggers. We encourage family therapy as they’re a great support network to have around you once you’ve left our treatment programme. It’s also extremely useful for your family to gain an understanding of your anxiety or depression from experts like our team at Rehab Clinics Group. Additionally, this gives them the opportunity to learn new methods to help you achieve long-term recovery.

Depending on the severity of your condition and the accompanying symptoms, we may prescribe appropriate medication, particularly if you’re suffering with chemical imbalances. Taking anti-depressants for example can change your brain chemistry, causing your mood to significantly improve. If you’re diagnosed with a severe condition, you’ll likely be referred to a specialist team who can dedicate the required amount of time and support to help you overcome your disorder.

In addition to our structured therapy sessions, we also provide self-help tips such as promoting health eating, frequent exercise and to avoid any caffeine or drugs. We also deliver alternative treatments for depression and anxiety which have proven to deliver very positive results. These include mindfulness, meditation, acupuncture, relaxation and sleep management, peer support and art, drama, and music therapies. It’s evident that a combination of varied treatment options will help you succeed in achieving long-term recovery. The intensity of your therapies and the duration of your treatment will depend on the nature of your condition. We can discuss all of this with you during the initial phase of admission. After our treatment for anxiety and depression we would expect to see your mindset becoming more positive, realigned, and motivated to succeed.


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