Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Recovering Addicts

The New Year commonly influences reflection. Thinking over the last year and the changes you’ve made is likely, as we creep towards 31st December. Alongside reflecting on and appreciating this time, many individuals will also think towards January, and those all-important New Year’s resolutions.

Although this sounds like a positive plan, for some individuals, this last year may have been a challenge. For recovering addicts, this could have been the year where true lows were experienced, resulting in rehabilitation.

If this is your reality, having a positive outlook for the New Year ahead will serve you well. This is a fresh start to maintain your recovery and set new intentions. It’s a time to leave your previous addiction in the past, working towards a life you’re happy to lead.

Here are the most effective and helpful NY resolutions for addicts, helping to make the most of what 2020 has to offer.


Maintaining recovery post rehab

Before setting New Year resolutions, it’s important to remember how far you’ve come. A positive and growth mindset will help you maintain addiction recovery post rehab. Once the reality of life kicks back in, it is likely that many individuals will have forgotten about your substance abuse.

However, we understand that your past addiction may be impacting you to this very day. If this is your current situation, please remember that we are all human, and that holding onto previous experiences is common.

Yet, to ensure that drug and alcohol relapses are minimised, implementing your healthy coping mechanisms, taught through rehab will support you through this New Year. Viewing the countdown into January as a fresh opportunity to practice your recovery plan will be beneficial.

If you do find yourself slipping into old habits, where drug and alcohol consumption becomes desirable, we recommend reaching out for professional support with urgency. An efficient process will reduce any potential damage, helping you receive addiction treatment once again. Please do not be ashamed if substance abuse is still having an impact on your life. Help is available once again to support you.

To see 2020 as a fresh start, here are helpful NY resolutions for addicts, promoting ongoing recovery.


New Year’s resolutions for addicts, promoting ongoing recovery

New Year’s resolutions are personal. They differ from person to person depending on past experiences and future goals. Yet, for recovering addicts, it is highly likely that long-term recovery is a key goal. With this in mind, here are some effective New Year’s resolutions for addicts, commonly found to prolong sobriety, for the countdown and beyond.


Embrace the support of family and friends

Throughout your recent addiction treatment, it is likely that you received great support. Whether that was from family members, peers or addiction specialists, a close network has served you well.

As we approach the NY, it is vital to embrace the support you continually receive. Without a listening ear, a motivator or a shoulder to lean on, life can get difficult. With your knowledge of previous addiction difficulties, avoiding similar challenges will be a likely goal for you. By setting this as a New Year’s resolution, you’ll boost your mental health state, while experiencing a strong support network.

It’s also wise to open up to your loved ones and share any feelings you may be having regarding your addiction. Remember they are here to build you up this New Year.


Maintain a positive, focused mindset

So far post rehabilitation, distractions may have caught your eye. Drug and alcohol temptations may have thrown you off your course of recovery. One of the most beneficial New Year’s resolutions for addicts is to commit to and maintain a positive, focused mindset.

This upcoming year, it’s important to put the blinkers on and focus on your end goals. There are many individuals out there living with addictions, unknowingly knocking you off your stride. Surround yourself with positive people, environments and goals to maintain sobriety.


Be accountable for your own actions

Many individuals with previous addictions will unfortunately blame others for their experiences. Of course, an addiction is a mixture of nature and nurture impacts. Yet, this New Year is your time to be accountable. It’s your opportunity to take responsibility of your own life and the path you lead.

With the aim to follow a positive path, sharing this publicly as one of your NY resolutions will increase your motivation to keep your word.


Make healthy choices, for both body and mind

Throughout your addiction, it is likely that both your body and mind have taken a knock. Detrimental impacts are likely both physically and mentally through substance abuse.

To overcome your recent experiences, making healthy choices for both your mind and body will boost your motivation to remain sober. Whether that’s a balanced diet, regular exercise classes or counselling sessions, working on your wellbeing will keep you on track this New Year.


Make an active effort to embrace sobriety

It’s important to remember that you’ve made it through the other side of addiction. For some, this unfortunately isn’t the case. Common NY resolutions for addicts focus on embracing the here and now.

With this in mind, be grateful for what you’ve gone through, for the changes you’ve made and for the healthy, sober life you’re leading.


Continue through the New Year with our support

Here at Rehab Clinics Group, we hope that these helpful New Year’s resolutions for addicts have inspired you. We hope that a New Year will bring positive changes, to your mindset, health, relationships and outlook on substance abuse.

Yet, if you’re still struggling, please be reassured that we are here for you. Reach out to share your feelings and thoughts with our addiction specialists. Further addiction treatment could help you tackle the New Year positively.

Use this opportunity to reflect on how far you’ve come, and how far you can go without drugs and alcohol in your life. Set new intentions, become accountable and follow them through for a sober future.