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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Sussex

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Sussex

Do you live in the Sussex area? If so, the Rehab Clinics Group is here to help you. We offer drug and alcohol rehab in Sussex, and we offer the most modern rehab centres in the South East of England.

Our clients will always be treated as an individual and will receive a high-end rehab service. We are proud to provide luxury accommodation, top class treatment and extensive secondary care.

Our team is multi-disciplined and highly qualified. Our therapists, psychiatric nurses and psychiatrists will deal with your addiction in an effective, fast and compassionate manner.

If you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, then Rehab Clinics Group can give you all the help you need to overcome your addiction.

You will be treated physically and psychologically, and we will show you the root cause of your illness and how to control it. An addiction is not something that is recovered from, but we will show you how to control and manage it.

With a 28-day commitment to our treatment programmes in our residential rehab, you can be assured that Rehab Clinics Group will send you back to your life in Sussex with a new mindset and a fresh mentality for your ongoing recovery journey.

Our admissions process

We understand that asking for help is hard. Many clients use words like “ashamed” or “embarrassed” when they contact us.

Even though there are increased numbers of people suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction, people choose to suffer in silence rather than seek help. There is a stigma attached to addiction that makes people shy away from getting treated.

However, when you contact us, you will be treated with compassion and discretion. We don’t require any NHS involvement, or a referral from a GP, and we have no waiting list.

Whilst private rehab isn’t cheap, we’re fairly priced and will organise a treatment programme within your budget. All our prices are inclusive of all services, such as meals or aftercare, so there are no hidden charges.

Our initial consultation takes place over the telephone where we will perform basic fact finding about you and your illness. We’ll establish the amount of drugs or alcohol you consume and if you wish to proceed with treatment admit you immediately.

When you arrive at our rehab clinic, we’ll check you in and you will have a tour of the facility. You’ll also have the opportunity to meet your keyworkers, who will be with you at every step of your recovery journey.

Upon admission, we will perform a comprehensive assessment of your physical and mental health. We’ll establish the extent of your addiction, why you have become addicted and any underlying mental health conditions.

Your detox in Sussex

The vast majority of our clients will need to undergo a period of detox. This can range from two or three days to two weeks.

It’s entirely dependent on how advanced your addiction is, but most people who enter our care need detox. This is to remove the toxins from your body that build up over time as a result of sustained drug or alcohol abuse.

This will be the most challenging part of your treatment. Your body will react to the reduction and then stoppage of drugs or alcohol via withdrawal symptoms. These vary from a fever and severe sweating to shaking.

Some withdrawal symptoms are not just unpleasant but can be downright dangerous. Therefore, the vast majority of people who try to perform a detox at home by themselves aren’t successful – it’s simply too much to bear.

However, Rehab Clinics Group will provide you with around the clock care to ensure that your detox takes places with as little discomfort as possible. We can provide you with prescription drugs that act as a sedative if required.

Once your detox is complete, you’ll be able to continue with the rest of your treatment programme.

Your therapy sessions

For your therapy, you’ll have a personalised treatment plan drawn up based on your preferences.

You will be able to make use of holistic treatments, such as yoga and exercise, which allow you to improve your physical condition, but most treatments will be aiming to neutralise the psychological aspects of a drug or alcohol addiction.

Examples of treatment that we use include Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), one on one therapy, psychotherapy, neurobiology and family therapy. There are however other options which we may suggest depending on how your treatment progresses.

When you put the results of all these different kinds of treatment together, this should help you to firmly establish what your “triggers” are.

Triggers are the stimuli that encourage your drug and alcohol addictions. When you become more aware of these triggers, this will help you to overcome your urges to drink alcohol or take drugs as you will be easier able to recognise them.

Begin your recovery today

Upon completion of your treatment, you’ll return to your normal life in Sussex with a different outlook that will allow you to focus on your recovery.

We’ll give you all the tools you need to have a long-term recovery and our aftercare will be here for you in the often-trying year immediately after you leave our care. We are always just a phone call away if you need support or advice.

However, if you follow everything you’ve learned during your time with Rehab Clinics Group, you will have all the skills you need to live your life free of drugs and alcohol.

If you’d like to discuss your treatment, call us today via 0800 470 0382 or text HELP to 83222 and we can assist you without judging you and without delay.

It could be the most important call you ever make and we’re waiting to help you. There’s no wait for our services and we can hold an initial consultation with you immediately.