Drug and Alcohol Treatment Watford

We have treatment centres for Drug and Alcohol Rehab if you live in Watford!

How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Affects Your Brain

Drug and alcohol addiction tends to happen when addictive substances reach the brain’s reward system. This part of the brain activates when we do something which is either good for us or makes us feel good. When brain reward system activates, our body assumes we are doing something for survival which creates feelings of pleasure and a strong desire to repeat this behaviour. There are healthy habits which activate this – such as eating a healthy snack. Unfortunately, drugs or alcohol also have the same effect.

When you consume addictive substances, your brain releases dopamine which enters the limbic system, to then overproduce the dopamine chemical. Drugs and alcohol cause feelings of euphoria and when you stop taking this substance, your brain craves this feeling to create a strong desire to consume the substance again. As such, it becomes difficult to feel good without consuming this substance.

How Addiction Affects Your Organs

Addiction recovery heavily focuses on understanding how addiction affects your life and health. But, when you rely on a substance to feel a certain way, you don’t focus on the damage it’s doing to your organs.

First, substance abuse can massively affect your liver. This organ’s purpose is to prevent the blood absorbing harmful chemicals, and aiding the digestion system to secret bile into the intestine. However, when you consume drugs and alcohol, your liver struggles to function properly which can eventually lead to liver damage. Typically, when you are suffering from liver damage, you’ll experience abdominal pain, general feeling of being weak, exhaustion and vomiting.

It’s time to check into a drug and alcohol rehab if you’re addicted to substances which aren’t healthy for you. Drugs and alcohol can also negatively affect your kidneys. These two organs filter out blood which is pumped through the body. This creates urine which is made up of excess fluid and any waste. The bladder then continues the responsibility of excreting this waste. However, many drugs affect how the kidney functions to they’re not able to filter out blood. Common signs of kidney failure increase vomiting, loss of appetite, inability to focus, shortness of breath, blood in the urine, problems sleeping and a general pain in the kidney area (located on the back of your body).

During your treatment options, we’ll look at medication to soothe any withdrawal symptoms and aid your recovery. Drug and alcohol abuse also affects your heart. When consuming alcohol, this causes damage to your heart by raising the levels of some fats in the blood. With excessive amounts and over long-term use, this can increase your blood pressure, cause heart failure and even a cardiac arrest. Abusing alcohol can also contribute to unhealthy habits which leads to obesity and stresses the heart. How much and how regular you consume alcohol will affect your heart’s health.

What to Expect from Our Treatment Centre

If you’re looking for rehab in Watford, Cassiobury Court is a rehab clinic which focuses on alcohol and drug addiction – including offers detox programmes. Our rehabilitation clinics aren’t a scary place, but are designed to help you feel at ease during your time with us. We offer many rehab options so you can tailor your environment and programme to suit your needs. We also share unique addiction treatment programmes and strategies to conquer drug and alcohol abuse.

Amongst residential rehab centres in Watford, we aim to deliver a high-quality service for everyone who enters our clinic. Our detox programme isn’t necessary for everyone, as this depends on the amount of drugs and alcohol you’ve consumed and how long for. But, if we feel that this will benefit your recovery, this will become an essential beginning to your recovery story. We want every person in our rehab centres to feel comfortable and confident with our support. Therefore, we’ll provide you with medication during your detox process to improve your recovery and help prevent any relapses.

Alongside your drug and alcohol detox, we’ll focus on the psychological effects the drug has on you during Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. These intervention-style sessions will work through your concerns and issues to help you build tools to eliminate your addiction. In a trusting and confidential environment, our therapists provide a friendly environment for you to open up in. All of our services are provided 24 hours a day, so matter what the time or the issue, our staff are always available to aid your long-term recovery and celebrate any triumphs along the way.

Life After Rehab

Once we and you feel that you’ve made excellent progress with your drug and alcohol addiction, you’re ready to leave the rehab clinic. But, from this moment on, you’re not alone. We make it clear that we’re always here should you need someone to talk to, or a reminder of tips to keep your addiction away. You also have the option of counselling sessions to continue your recovery journey. We advise that you think carefully about your surroundings and who you spend time with after completing your rehab programme. Although you’re responsible for your actions, putting yourself right back to where you started can increase temptation. Don’t be afraid to start fresh somewhere new. At the same time, remind yourself of your processes in the rehab clinic and always reach out to someone if you’re struggling.

Give us a call on 03301 596 494 to talk about your treatment options and ways we can help you live drug-and-alcohol-free.