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Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centres In Hillingdon

We have treatment centres for drug and alcohol rehab in Hillingdon

Although an addiction is a brain illness, it can cause both physical and psychological symptoms, damages, and associations. In order to recover from an addiction, treatment must focus on disassociating the body and brain from drugs and alcohol.

The most productive and safe way to experience such treatment is through private rehab. Offering a private environment, which is medically observed and supported, rehab also provides suitable recommendations, forming bespoke programmes.

Available to experience via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hillingdon through inpatient and outpatient forms, private rehab services can be accessed here at Rehab Clinics Group. Offering the reassurance of CQC registered clinics, safe treatment options and accommodating programmes, recovery can be expected with our help.

Reach out to heal and feel better on physical and psychological levels, treating the cause, symptoms, and consequences of addiction.


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Accessing help in Hillingdon

Addiction help can be easily accessed through our services. Offering access to inpatient and outpatient programmes, finding help via a drug and alcohol rehab in Hillingdon will be possible.

The admissions process into rehab can begin from the moment you reach out and can be completed with urgency in mind. Working through a number of assessments, mostly considering your physical and psychological symptoms and influences, we can help you select the most appropriate form of rehab. Assessments will also consider your availability, budget, your current environment, and any additional issues that you may be struggling with, possible to address through rehab.

Whilst inpatient private rehab is mostly selected, which we promote here at Rehab Clinics Group, the next steps, following your admission will be bespoke. Possible to complete through an outpatient programme, we’re here to arrange, facilitate and encourage your recovery journey.

Entering a CQC private rehab will be doable once you’ve made some decisions around your rehab programme.


Inpatient private rehab

Deciding between inpatient and outpatient rehab is important, as both offer a different structure and level of support. You should select the most suitable for your circumstances, addiction strength and lifestyle.

Inpatient private rehab is favoured for the pace and level of assurance that it offers. Over a 28-day programme, sobriety can be aimed for, by working through a range of treatments and therapies. Offering reassurance by providing 24/7 professional support and observations, you can check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Hillingdon.

From your transport and personal space to your time at rehab, everything can be arranged for you, to recover with urgency in mind. Although carrying a higher cost, the inpatient rehab process can begin as soon as your admission is completed and can transform your life over the next month.


Outpatient private rehab

Outpatient private rehab can also be accessed straight away, yet treatment sessions will be planned out to correspond with your rehab visits. By residing at home, you’ll have the flexibility to continue your everyday life and responsibilities, whilst working through weekly visits.

Offering an affordable form of private rehab, support is still constant and to a specialist standard. Visits will also be intensive, whilst experiencing private and ideal settings. It’s a safe and recommended form of rehab, offering a structure to follow. Yet as it requires higher levels of accountability, it can be difficult to remain on track through a 3-6-month outpatient programme.

Your needs, expectations and availability should be prioritised, to select and move forward with the most suitable form of rehab. Once you’ve selected, your admission can be arranged here at Rehab Clinics Group, to begin your own bespoke treatment programme.


Fully bespoke treatment programmes

Treatment programmes are bespoke, by considering personal responses, wellbeing, symptoms, triggers, and experiences. Yet to fully treat an addiction, every programme will incorporate physical and psychological forms of treatment.

Addiction help will begin with a detoxification process, to treat the physical side of addiction. Drug and alcohol withdrawal will be aimed for, through comfortable and safe recommendations. The entire process is medically assisted, making sure that withdrawal symptoms can be managed.

The majority of clients will also experience therapy, helping to treat the psychological side of addiction. Therapy sessions are confidential and completed by our specialist psychiatrists. A range of sessions will be recommended, to work through your emotions, mental health struggles and psychological associations with drugs and alcohol. Cognitive behavioural therapy, group therapy, dialectical behavioural therapy and family therapy are common recommendations. 

The exact approach of physical and psychological recovery will be tailored around your needs, considering the type and length of treatment that you’ll benefit from. Helping to treat individual responses, holistic therapies are also offered through private rehab. Services including mindfulness, sleep management, stress management and NAD+ therapy are encouraged to strengthen physical and psychological withdrawal.

If you select to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Hillingdon, treatment will be daily and will be progressive. If you select outpatient rehab, a similar process will be followed, yet will be available through weekly check-ins and sessions.


Available aftercare options

Aftercare is a 12-month service which helps our clients become accustomed to sobriety. It increases accountability yet still provides enough support to ease into new and unfamiliar lifestyle choices.

Treatment options include support group sessions, therapy, 12-step programmes, and regular check-ins. A schedule will be formed for you, to follow your routine and needs. Sessions will be provided on an outpatient basis, to support your return home to Hillingdon. Support will be in place to help you adjust to sobriety and the new norm that it will influence.

Aftercare is a standard service through private rehab and will follow both inpatient and outpatient programmes. You can source further information on the type and frequency of aftercare by reaching out here at Rehab Clinics Group.

Our advice and recommendations will be bespoke to your needs, ready to benefit from through private drug and alcohol rehabilitation.

  • Is it safe to detox at home?

    Detoxification is the process which helps to eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body. Elimination usually results in withdrawal symptoms, which can be very difficult to experience and damaging if untreated. Common symptoms include intense cravings, depression, insomnia, headaches, mood swings and the shakes. Detoxing from home is discouraged for this reason, along with the extra challenges surrounding influences. An addict may feel comfortable at home yet will be more vulnerable to everyday triggers. Visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Hillingdon will instead be encouraged, to withdraw with safety and success in mind.
  • Does rehab work?

    Rehab is designed to work. It’s a service which brings all of the necessary tools, together, to recover from addiction. It’s a step-by-step process which must be completed in order to benefit from rehab. It’s also a process which requires full commitment, to recover and change drug and alcohol habits. With the commitment to complete a quality rehab programme, positive results are expected.
  • How beneficial is residential rehab?

    Residential rehab is a popular treatment option which offers 24/7 support, intense programmes, and all-round recovery opportunities. It is very beneficial when treating addiction, as it provides the right environment, level of support and balance of treatments to rehabilitate. You can complete a residential programme via private rehab, by checking into one of our centres here at Rehab Clinics Group for 28 days.