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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Edmonton

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Edmonton

With the goal of addiction recovery in place, treatment and support can be accessed through both free and private services. Although free NHS services are familiar and desirable, there are many benefits linked to private rehab, unlikely to be experienced through public care.

Quick admissions, personalised programmes, proven treatment options, private settings and proactive recovery journeys are some of the benefits associated with private rehab. All strengthening recovery rates and improving experiences, private rehab is recognised as the most recommended service.

Understandably, for some, NHS support and addiction treatment will be suitable and enough to recover. Yet due to delays, generic programmes, and unpredictable journeys, committing to the process can be tough.

Commit to private care through our centre here at Rehab Clinics Group, ready to support you. Finding a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton will be the next step, to arrange your personal rehab experience.


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The Benefits of Private Rehab

The cost of private rehab can sometimes reduce its attractiveness, especially when compared to free NHS services. Yet there are many benefits linked to visiting or residing in a private drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton, found to outweigh its cost.

Private rehab is an adaptive service, offering a range of programmes and treatment options for a variety of addiction types, circumstances, and personal needs. It can support people from various backgrounds, it can treat diverse diagnoses, and it can fit into different lifestyles.

Selecting private rehab also secures high standards. Registered under the CQC, high-quality care is expected, also found through the type of treatment on offer. Treatment sessions will be assisted by addiction specialists and medical teams, making sure that safe and effective recommendations are made.

The timeline of private rehab is also beneficial. Admission can be completed in 24 hours, followed by consistent treatment sessions. Programmes can accommodate availability and offer a suitable pace, from a quick 28-day programme to a 3-month schedule. Unavailable to experience through NHS services, private treatment programmes follow an urgent approach.

Recovering via a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton will offer the most private experience. With peaceful, personal, and intimate settings in place, leaving behind influences, consumption and associations is possible.

All available on a budget, private rehab offers flexible and results-driven programmes, accessible in your local area here at Rehab Clinics Group.


Inpatient and Outpatient Rehab Options

Highlighting its flexibility, private rehab can be completed through inpatient and outpatient sessions. Whilst inpatient services arguably offer the greatest structure and results, for some people, outpatient care can be invaluable.

If you’re looking for 24/7 care, the ability to complete a 28-day programme, an escape from your current environment, and a truly private process, inpatient rehab is recommended. You can commit to and instil all of your focus by experiencing inpatient sessions. Each step of your programme will focus on recovery, helping to secure a strong and change-driven experience. 

If you’re looking for flexibility, have a number of months available to complete rehab, a private yet independent process, and an affordable programme, outpatient rehab is recommended.

Through an outpatient programme, you can balance your day-to-day life whilst completing high-quality treatment sessions. Recovery is still possible yet can take between 3-6 months, and sometimes longer for some.

Through your admission into rehab, your needs will be measured to recommend the most suitable form of private rehab.


Physical and Psychological Treatment Options

Treatment services and programmes are of high quality through private rehab. Combining traditional forms with evidence-based services, physical and psychological recovery can be worked towards.

Physical recovery is expected through a detoxification process. Promoting drug and alcohol withdrawal, symptoms can usually be worked through in around 10 days. With medical assistance and the use of supportive treatments, getting clean is expected post-detox. Further holistic treatments are also included to recover the body, such as nutritional management and NAD+ therapy.

Psychological recovery is aimed for through therapy sessions, relapse prevention planning and management sessions. Including cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, mental health treatments, coping sessions, mindfulness and lifestyle management, treatments are in place to improve mental health and strength.

Treating addiction is a step-by-step process, which focuses on removing the cause, controlling symptoms, and eliminating drugs and alcohol from the body. Focus is also placed on sustaining sobriety, planning for long-term recovery, and devaluing future consumption.

A personal plan will be formed for you through private rehab to fulfil such intentions.


How soon can Addiction Treatment begin?

Whether you select to visit or reside in a drug and alcohol rehab in Edmonton, treatment can begin post-admission. Admission can take 24 hours to complete, offering time-sensitive access into rehab. From here, a personal schedule will be formed, following a range of addiction treatment services.

Inpatient treatment will be daily, consistent over the programme. Outpatient treatment will be weekly, arranged over a 3-6-month programme. Both programmes will be proactive and progressive, very different to the pace of NHS treatment.

You can set and work towards your goal of addiction recovery here at Rehab Clinics Group. Reach out to benefit from private rehab, from the type of treatments we have on offer to the level of privacy you can experience.

  • Can I access private rehab with a low budget?

    Yes, you can access private rehab with a low budget. Whilst treatment must be paid for through private services, the majority of clinics are flexible and accommodating to individual circumstances. At Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you access suitable bouts of support and treatment to work to your budget. It’s very important to opt for a feasible rehab programme, that can work to your means. We can secure this for you through our group.
  • How long does the admissions process take?

    An admissions process focuses on arranging the next steps of rehab. It is a thorough process, which benefits both our clients and our team, making sure that awareness can increase, and preparations can be secured. The process can be completed with urgency, offering a 24-hour turnaround for those in need. Otherwise, we can pre-arrange your admission date, to suit your availability.
  • What support will I have post-rehab?

    Once you leave rehab you will have access to 1 year of aftercare support. Local support groups, one-to-one sessions, weekly check-ins, and 12-step programmes are on offer, to work through the first 12 months of sobriety. In addition, you’ll have a relapse prevention plan in place to help you through any challenges or triggers, which can be strengthened through aftercare.