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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Bexley

We have Treatment Centres for Alcohol Rehab in Bexley

An addiction can be challenging, exhausting, and overwhelming to recover from. It’s a complicated, reoccurring, and stigmatised disorder, making it impossible to ignore.

To ease the process, addiction help, advice and treatment should be accepted and benefited from. In place to offer direction, reduce anxieties and concerns, and treat the symptoms and causes of addiction, support can be found through professional services.

Possible to experience, to some degree via the NHS, compassionate and high-quality care is expected. Yet the most effective and private support that you’ll find will be through a private drug and alcohol rehab in Bexley.

Promoting inpatient rehab programmes, designed around personal needs and circumstances, at Rehab Clinics Group, we can help you find suitable support.

Recover with professional help, advice, and treatment in your corner, best experienced through private drug and alcohol rehab.



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Addiction advise and treatment in Bexley

It can be difficult to know where to turn to through the peak of addiction. It can also be challenging to know which steps to take, to recover. Recovering can also be impossible without proven techniques and treatments.

To offer support, guidance, and the tools to recover, processional addiction help, advice and treatment will be beneficial in Bexley.

The most familiar form of support, here in the UK is through the NHS. Treatment can be completed, and full medical advice can be expected. Yet as funding is low and demands are high, it’s hard to secure immediate, consistent, and fully effective treatment programmes.

The most effective form of professional support is through private rehab. Although treatment will need to be paid for, help can be immediate, advice can be personalised, and treatments can be progressive to your addiction type. Also, possible to experience through inpatient and outpatient forms, private rehab offers flexibility and options, to accommodate your needs.

It’s important to weigh up all forms of addiction support within your local area. It’s also essential to measure the feasibility of each, based on which can be completed and benefitted from the most.

Through addiction recovery, time-sensitive, inpatient, and personalised support are found to be the most popular and recovery-driven. Find out why here at Rehab Clinics Group.


How do Treatments and Therapies work?

Treatments and therapies are personally assigned on admission into a private rehab. They work in unison to heal the body and mind, by promoting key milestones.

Withdrawal is one of the most important milestones, possible to reach through medical treatment options. A detoxification process will take priority, to safely eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body. Rehabilitation and restoration are further milestones that can be fulfilled through therapeutic and holistic therapies.

The likes of cognitive behavioural therapy, NAD+ therapy, group therapy and art therapy will be recommended. Together they work to diminish unhealthy habits, whilst inspiring positive choices and outlooks.

Addiction treatments also work to improve wellbeing, mental health, and lifestyle choices. Rehabilitation is a thorough process and considers a range of recovery angles. Treatments, therapies, and services will focus on elevating the quality of life back in Bexley.


Inpatient Rehab Programmes

Inpatient programmes are the most recommended form of private care here at Rehab Clinics Group. Great care, compassion and privacy can be experienced through a residential stay.

To benefit from 24/7 care, the support of a dedicated team of professionals, and the most suitable recovery environment, you’ll need to check into a drug and alcohol rehab in Bexley. For 28 days, your focus will be placed on treatment sessions, on getting better and on recovering. With commitment, focus and a quality programme, great progress can be made, ready to strengthen post-rehab.

The cost of inpatient rehab is higher than outpatient rehab, as it’s an inclusive service. You’ll have everything you’ll need to recover, provided within your programme. You’ll also have a dedicated timeline to work to, to recover through the quickest yet most sustainable way.

Outpatient rehab programmes can still be completed. They are suitable for people who cannot pause their life, or for those with lower budgets. Treatment and support will still be constant to remain motivated and accountable. Yet as it’s a longer process, many of our clients prefer to reside in rehab.


Relapse Prevention Plans

An important step of the rehabilitation process is relapse prevention. Plans are created alongside our clients to increase awareness of relapse risks, personal triggers and how to prevent both from developing.

As relapse risks are common through sobriety, and as personal triggers can remain post-rehab, it’s essential to plan for their presence. Personal coping strategies and tools will be provided to feel confident and comfortable with drug and alcohol-free choices.


Aftercare in Bexley

Local aftercare, for 12 months, is offered here at Rehab Clinics Group. We’re not only passionate about motivating initial recovery. We’re also committed to the long-term recovery process and how it can benefit our clients.

To ease the process, aftercare services are offered, to work alongside routines and lifestyles. Offering a range of support group meetings and therapy sessions, aftercare provides direction and support throughout the first year of sobriety.

Via a drug and alcohol rehab in Bexley, ongoing support and treatment will be available to you. It’s suitable for both day-to-day maintenance and any possible crises, to remain on track for sobriety.

Reach out to feel supported and guided whilst experiencing effective and proven treatment programmes. We’re here to walk alongside you and your loved ones, throughout the rehabilitation process.

  • Why can’t an addiction be cured?

    An addiction is a complicated disorder, which affects every person differently. It’s also a relapsing disorder, which attaches itself to the brain. Treating an addiction is possible, yet only due to proven treatments and therapies. A cure is yet to be developed due to how unpredictable, diverse, and deep-rooted an addiction is. Although it cannot be cured, sobriety can be aimed for, through rehab and ongoing management. A fulfilled, drug and alcohol-free life can be followed, reflecting a cure to some degree.
  • What is an intervention?

    An intervention is where loved ones and friends will come together to share their concerns over substance abuse. It’s a united effort to promote recovery and the need to visit rehab. Without professional guidance and a safe setting, it can be difficult for some families to reach this point. An intervention can kickstart the acceptance process, whilst strengthening relationships, compassion and understanding. We can help you with an intervention here at Rehab Clinics Group if you’re worried about the drug and alcohol habits of your loved one.
  • How long will an admission take into private rehab?

    The admissions process arranges and secures rehab visits, check ins and programmes. It also offers the chance for clients to prepare and become aware of what’s ahead. An admission into private rehab can be turned around in 24 hours. It’s a rapid process, which can cater to the need of urgent support. In some cases, an admission date can instead be pre-arranged, to offer the time to prepare and hand over responsibility. Yet if you’re struggling and looking for immediate access, this is also possible.