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We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Chiswick

Long-term addiction recovery is a continuous commitment that must be focused on to remain sober. Extremely worthwhile, normalising a drug and alcohol-free life will be possible in the future.

Yet before reaching a stable and robust point of recovery, a foundation of rehabilitation must be completed, providing the tools and motivations to continue. Offered at its greatest through inpatient rehab, drug and alcohol rehabilitation’s time sensitivity allows the process to begin immediately.

Carrying over a 30-day programme, foundations can be formed, leading the way towards sustainable recovery. With aftercare in place and relapse prevention planning to ease the journey, we at Rehab Clinics Group can help you work towards post-rehab recovery.

Reach out to complete a time-sensitive programme via a drug and alcohol rehab in Chiswick to benefit from the normalisation of sober living.


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Time sensitivity of inpatient rehab

Although there are two treatment options when considering addiction recovery, inpatient rehab is the most time-sensitive due to the longer process of outpatient rehab. Outpatient care can, in fact, take 6 to 12 months to complete, as treatment is less consistent when compared with the steady offering of inpatient care.

For most individuals, timing is critical, with the opportunity to act on readiness and experience an urgent rehabilitation process. This is deliverable through inpatient rehab, as waiting lists are shorter, treatment is consistent, and significant change can be made over the 30-day period.

Understandably, efforts of recovery must continue after rehab. Yet, the level of recovery that can be achieved through an inpatient programme shows how proactive withdrawal and restorative steps can be through the right support.

Reasonably, a quick fix is unrealistic when considering addiction recovery, as the process can be complex. Yet, with the thorough assessments, personal recommendations, and the rapid approach attached to an inpatient offering, initial recovery can be efficiently experienced.


Inpatient drug and alcohol rehab in Chiswick

If you are looking for a time-sensitive approach to recovery, visiting a drug and alcohol rehab in Chiswick will be doable through our group. Offering inpatient programmes that thrive off personalisation, we have several different treatment centres to select from sensibly by considering your needs.

Through our admissions process, weighing up each option will be the case to ensure that your needs and wants can be catered to. From your rehab programme’s structure to the services that follow inpatient rehab, a bespoke experience will be waiting for you.

Alongside the efficiency of inpatient care, you’ll have access to 24/7 support, you’ll complete leading addiction treatment services, and you’ll have a comfortable and private setting to call home, all easing the drug and alcohol rehabilitation process.

Committing to this initial process will directly benefit long-term experiences and management of sobriety, no matter how severe symptoms may currently be.


Structured treatment options and programmes

Treatment options and programmes throughout rehab highlight key recovery aims. Yet through personalisation, individual aims will differ, meaning that recommendations will also fluctuate.

Physical treatment options are recommended to promote withdrawal from drugs and alcohol. Safety must be paramount through this step, possible through a medically structured detox. A detox process will be formed to safely eliminate drugs and alcohol from the body while also balancing our internal health and functionality. A range of wellbeing services will also be recommended alongside detoxification to improve health, such as nutritional advice, lifestyle management and holistic therapies.

Psychological treatment options are structured to discredit and detach from drug and alcohol exposure. Many addictions are motivated by the positive reinforcements that drugs and alcohol create in the brain. Adapting such connections will be key while also strengthening psychological coping strategies. Cognitive behavioural therapy, stress management, group therapy, dual diagnosis treatment and motivational therapy are suitable here.

Combining both physical and psychological treatment services to create a personalised structure will be key and expected standard through inpatient rehab.


Proactive aftercare options

The post-rehab process benefits significantly through aftercare exposure. Offered proactively via a drug and alcohol rehab in Chiswick, suitable options will be promoted to continue the recovery journey seamlessly.

Aftercare options include access to relevant support groups, individual therapy sessions and supportive resources to maintain in the headspace of sobriety.

As recovery is a long-term, continuous commitment, aftercare and its offering for 12 months are found to ease the initial acceptance of sobriety. Through this time, the tools of rehab will be strengthened to continue life as sober.

Completing drug and alcohol rehabilitation will be necessary to overcome an addiction. Yet, such a process can be completed proactively, with optimistic goals in sight. Such goals can be worked towards through inpatient rehab, completing a targeted inpatient programme, followed by outpatient guidance.

Visit a drug and alcohol rehab in Chiswick to access immediate, consistent and time-sensitive support through addiction recovery. Such a timeline is possible through an efficient and reliable source of drug and alcohol rehabilitation, arrangeable through our team at Rehab Clinics Group.

  • What is a medically assisted detox?

    Offered through inpatient rehab, a medically assisted detox is where medical supervision will be found throughout the withdrawal process. Safety will be key while working through withdrawal symptoms and signs of detoxification, by eliminating drug and alcohol exposure.
  • What is relapse prevention planning?

    Relapse prevention planning is a very important part of rehab, used to prevent and reduce the risks of relapse. Relapse risks will be present on a post-rehab basis, due to varying influences of consumption. However, with a plan in place, preventing excessive exposure will be possible, along with reducing any potential effects of exposure.
  • How do I begin my path to recovery?

    Your recovery journey can commence through an admissions process, offered confidentially here at Rehab Clinics Group. Working through this will ensure that the right experience can be encountered via rehab, soon arrangeable and accessible. From here, your inpatient rehab programme can begin, working on a path to recovery.