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Alcohol Rehab Centres In Tottenham

We have treatment centres for alcohol rehab in Tottenham

If you feel you or a loved one might have an addiction to drugs or alcohol, then it’s important to look for help right away. While local groups and clinics can help some people with addictions, if you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Tottenham, then you have the best chance of recovery if you consider residential rehab. The Rehab Clinics Group has a number of clinics for you to choose from, where you can get world-class treatment, and you can choose to stay close to home, another part of the UK, or even go to Spain for treatment, with fast admission available.


What is addiction?

Addiction is a disease where someone gets into a negative pattern of behaviour, using stimuli such as alcohol or drugs to reward their brain, which often affects their relationships, work and other aspects of their life. As time goes on, their body can become dependent on these substances, so even if they try to stop drinking or using drugs, they physically can’t, and it can be dangerous to stop.

Drug and alcohol addiction effects people from all walks of life at any stage in their life, and there are many drugs that people can get addicted to, from illegal substances like heroin or cocaine, to prescription medications that are being misused.

While it can be difficult to spot the signs of addiction, some things to look out for include:

  • Drinking or using drugs on a regular basis, often at inappropriate times
  • Lying to family or friends about the above
  • Needing more and more to get the same effect
  • Physical symptoms when not drinking or using drugs such as shaking, sweating or anxiety
  • Anger or depression when not being able to use substances
  • Going to great lengths to get drink or drugs, from shoplifting to stealing from friends, lying to doctors, or putting yourself at risk
  • Spending large amounts of time thinking about the next high
  • Neglecting your health, loved ones and home because of drinking or taking drugs

The above list isn’t exhaustive, there can be many other reasons why you might be looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Tottenham, and some people simply feel that they’ve hit rock bottom and want to enjoy life free of drink or drugs. No matter what your reasons for looking for alcohol and drug treatment services, we’ll always do our best to help you out.


What can rehab do for me?

Staying at a clinic run by the Rehab Clinics Group means that you can get off drugs or alcohol and stay away from them for life. While some programmes aim to help you moderate the amount of drink or drugs you use, we believe that if you have an addiction, sobriety is the best solution, otherwise you can easily slip into old habits.

When you come to us for drug and alcohol rehab in Tottenham, we ask that you stay for a full 28 days to get the most out of your programme. The first few days are usually spent detoxing, with plenty of support and prescription medication if you need it to help with the side effects. While detoxing is hard work, our clinic doesn’t have opening hours, you’re supported and monitored round the clock.

For the rest of your stay you’ll have plenty to do including individual and group therapy, workshops about addiction, activities and much more. The aim is to give you the tools you need to stay away from drugs and alcohol for life. We also take good care of you, ensuring you get nutritious food and regular food, so you can start to take care of your health again.


Why is it important to get help quickly?

There are many risks associated with continuing your addiction. If you don’t get help as soon as possible, your addiction may worsen, meaning that down the line it’s harder to treat. Your body may become more and more dependent on drugs and alcohol, eventually leading to an overdose which could kill you.

Although the British tend to be quite relaxed about drug use, it’s worth remembering that drugs are illegal, and even if you’re addicted to prescription medication, it’s illegal to misuse it. There are also lots of laws around being drunk in public, and if you’re intoxicated, you have fewer inhibitions so are more likely to commit a crime. This means that an alcohol or drug addiction can end up with you in jail, so it’s important not to let things get to this stage.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to get help at one of our rehab clinics. Simply pick up the phone and call us for free and confidential advice and an initial assessment. We can help you decide whether rehab is right for you, or whether a different type of treatment might be more appropriate.

If you decide to go to one of our rehab centres, then we can arrange for this to happen very quickly. Usually, we can find you a bed within 48 hours, and if you choose to travel further afield, we can help by arranging transport, so you arrive safely.

If you’re looking for drug and alcohol rehab in Tottenham and aren’t sure where to turn, call the team on 0800 470 0382 or text HELP to 83222.